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Pairing: Kara Danvers/Lena Luthor
Alternative name(s): Supercorp, Karlena
Gender category: Femslash (F/F)
Fandom: Supergirl (TV series)
Canonical?: no
Prevalence: popular
Supercorp AU fanart by vale.
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Kara/Lena is the femslash ship between Kara Danvers and Lena Luthor in the Supergirl television series fandom.


The pairing of Kara/Lena is a popular ship in the Supergirl (TV series) fandom. Their non-canon relationship is one of the largest femslash ships, or ships in general, in the Supergirl (TV series) fandom.

Shippers of Supercorp feel that Kara and Lena have much more romantic and sexual chemistry than one of Kara's canon ships, Karamel, which is deemed evident in the scenes the two share, Kara buying Lena donuts, believing in her despite their family history, the frequent off and on-screen lunch and dinner dates, and the fact that only someone romantically interested in a person will fill their office with flowers on the day before Valentine's Day, as Lena did for Kara at the end of 2x12 "Luthors".


While there is no evidence that the pairing existed before the premiere of the second season, it quickly gained popularity: the first fanfiction under the tag Kara Danvers/Lena Luthor appeared on AO3 a day after the second season premiered, introducing Lena Luthor. Since, the pairing has exploded into one of the biggest ships in the Supergirl (TV series) fandom, with over 10000 separate works existing on AO3[1], surpassing the canon femslash ships in the fandom, Alex/Maggie and Sara Lance/Alex Danvers, despite those ships having more screen time.

San Diego Comic-Con 2017

While promoting the upcoming third season at SDCC17 the cast sang a recap of the previous season. Jeremy Jordan at one point sang how Kara/Lena would never get together because they were "only friends", noting later he had "debunked" supercorp. There was an almost immediate backlash from fans and press,[2][3] with Jordan going on to issue two apologizes on his Instagram.


Common Tropes in Fanworks

Works in this pairing often include a very optimistic, sunshiny and awkward Kara, which is often in contrast to the trope of Lena being very closed-off emotionally. Lena is often portrayed as burying herself in her work as a CEO and is shown as much more experienced than Kara when it comes to dating women, although Kara in works is often portrayed as the first person Lena had any sort of emotional-romantic attachment towards. Likewise, Lena is often portrayed as the first woman Kara has had a romantic and/or sexual attraction towards, although whether Kara knows she's attracted to women at the beginning of the work is often left up to the author.

Lena's adoptive mother, Lillian Luthor, is often portrayed as the homophobic, xenophobic disapproving mother, who will stop at nothing to kill all alien life on earth, including Kara.

Common Storylines

  • Secret Identity Reveal: In works where Lena is unaware of Kara's secret identity, Kara often confesses her identity, while also telling Lena about her feelings for the CEO. In other works, identity porn often features and eventually results in the big reveal.
  • Fake Dating: This trope also overlaps with identity porn and can result in a secret identity reveal. Kara might be pretend dating Lena, or Lena might pretend to date herself as Supergirl, or Lena might be pretending to date Supergirl to make Kara jealous.
  • Lena knows that Kara is Supergirl is a common tag on Supercorp works. Canonically Lena didn't know Supergirl's identity until the season 4 finale. In fanfiction, she was often more astute. This can lead to unnecessary secret identity reveals, as Kara often doesn't know that Lena knows.
  • Kidfic: In these works, one or both women have a child from a previous relationship, or one of the two acquires a child.
  • AUs: Common AU settings include High School AU, Medieval AU, Soulmates AU. No Powers AU is also a common AU scenario.
  • RedK!Kara
  • Established Relationship

Noted Proponents

  • Mehcad Brooks, actor who plays James Olsen on Supergirl (TV series). While he has not specifically said that he endorses Supercorp as a ship, he has voiced a general displeasure for the current canon Kara ship, Kara/Mon-El, on various social medias. And he 'liked' an Instagram post directed towards him saying "MEHCAD, IS SUPERCORP REAL?" The like is presumed to be confirmation.
  • Brenda Strong, actress who plays Lillian Luthor on Supergirl (TV series). Again, Brenda Strong has not specifically endorsed Supercorp, she has expressed support by retweeting various Supercorp posts on Twitter, including a Supercorp Fifty Shades of Grey parody gif-set. This is in stark contrast to her character who is often portrayed as homophobic in fan works.
  • Dichen Lachman, actress who plays reoccurring villain character Veronica Sinclair, or "Roulette". While making no comment on Supercorp, on or off social media, she has endorsed the idea of Lena Luthor being LGBTQ, as in response to a tweet directed at her referencing a comment made by Lena in an episode that her and Veronica "went to boarding school together", and how that could be a innuendo for dating. Dichen responded with "sure" and a flower emoji.
  • Katie Mcgrath, actress who plays Lena Luthor. McGrath said in an April 2017 interview with Matt Webb Mitovich of the website TV Line that while she did not play the role with romantic intent, after being told of Supercorp by numerous people (including her brother and Supergirl lead actress Melissa Benoist), McGrath re-watched earlier episodes and could see what people mean. Further commenting on how she thought this was the first of her roles in a while that weren't either gay or had heavy gay undertones, saying "...how naive was I?"[8]
  • Natalie Abrams, Writer on Supergirl (TV series). She sent out a tweet that mentioned Supercorp and how there was more to come. Although this can be interpreted that she was referring to a friendship, not a romantic relationship.






  • On Supergirl and Homophobia, a meta post focused on what happened at the SDCC17 and how that affected fans of the series and in particular Supercorp fans.


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