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Pairing: Alex Danvers/Maggie Sawyer
Alternative name(s): Sanvers, A/M
Gender category: Femslash (F/F)
Fandom: Supergirl (TV series)
Canonical?: yes
Prevalence: popular
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Alex/Maggie is a popular canon femslash of Alex Danvers and Maggie Sawyer of the television series Supergirl.


After Maggie breaks up with her girlfriend, and Maggie admits she thought Alex was gay too. After first denying it, Alex thinks on it realizing it was the truth and was indeed attracted to Maggie.[1] Alex tells Maggie she's attracted to her, only to have Maggie say that she didn't want to be Alex's first girlfriend or relationship and preferred to be friends[2] much to chagrin of Alex. After some back and forth on the issue they eventually get together, a few episodes later.[3]

By season 3 they planned to get married, however the engagement was broken off amicably after finding out that Alex wanted children and Maggie did not.


Alex/Maggie gained attention before Season 2 began airing as spoilers released showed that at least one character on the series would be confirmed as gay within the new season, some fans of Alex had already thought it was her. When the casting & character of Maggie was revealed, a comicsverse canon lesbian character, fans immediately started shipping Maggie with Alex. Season 2 Episode 5 "Crossfire" confirmed that Alex is gay and is indeed attracted to Maggie - the fandom for the pairing kinda explodes from there, although it had already been very popular. It quickly garnered a status as a juggernaut pairing - joining Kara/Cat and Kara/Lena as the top pairings in the Supergirl fandom.

After season 2 it was announced that Floriana Lima (Maggie) would not be returning as a regular cast member in Season 3, only a recurring. This had many fans worried about what it meant for Maggie and Alex's relationship and if Maggie was to be killed off. Supergirl's executive producer went on to confirm that while the character was leaving, Maggie would not die and thus not be a part of the growing list of shows using the bury your gays trope as some had feared.[4] While this eased some tension within the fandom, many were still apprehensive about the upcoming breakup.

The breakup itself was met with mixed reaction from fans and critics. Some felt Maggie's exit was handled well given the limited time they had with the actor and that a breakup over children, while sad, was realistic. Others were less forgiving and felt that the storyline was rushed and poorly executed, as well as doing lasting damage to Alex's character, who had until then shown no interest in becoming a parent.

Common Tropes & Fanon

  • Alternate Universe - No Powers AU, College/University, High School, Roommates AU
  • Case Story - Maggie's work as a detective and Alex's within the D.E.O. has made them an easy setup for case fics.
  • Fake Dating - Typically in Case Stories.
  • Fix-it - In season 2 many fix-it fics dealt with the valentines episode, most of which wanted Alex to be the one to apologies to Maggie and make it up to her instead of the other way around. After the season 3 breakup, fix-it fics focused on bringing the pair back together, or simply not having them breakup in the first place.
  • Kidfic - In the comicverse Maggie has a daughter, Jamie Sawyer, who she had in a previous marriage before coming out as a lesbian. Some fics choose to work this into their story, while others may have Alex and Maggie's child named "Jamie" but be otherwise unrelated to her comic counterpart. Despite being the catalyst for their breakup in season 3, fics of Alex and Maggie having/adopting children only grew more popular after the breakup.
  • Soulmates - Pretty common trope throughout the Supergirl fandom.
  • Maggie is often portrayed as misunderstanding Alex and Supergirl's relationship, due to her not knowing Supergirl is Alex's sister, and believing the two are dating. Played for laughs or angst, depending on the story.






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