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Name: Alexandra "Alex" Danvers
Occupation: Bio-engineer at the D.E.O., D.E.O. agent
Title/Rank: Agent Danvers
Location: National City
Status: Alive
Relationships: Eliza Danvers (mother)
Jeremiah Danvers (father)
Kara Danvers (adoptive sister)
Maggie Sawyer (ex-fiancée)
J'onn J'onzz (surrogate father)
Fandom: Supergirl
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Alex Danvers is a Supergirl (TV series) character and the adoptive sister of Supergirl.


Alex's first appearance was in the CBS and CW television series Supergirl as Kara's adoptive sister. She is a bio-engineer and a top agent of the D.E.O., working alongside J'onn J'onzz at their base in National City.


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Common Tropes and Fanon

  • Alcohol - Alex's relationship to alcohol, as well as her past history of partying and heavy drinking, are often explored in fanworks.
  • Alex (and the Danvers family) being Jewish.
  • Surfer!Alex - While never mentioned outright in the series itself, there has been some indication that Alex may have surfed when she was younger.
  • PTSD/Fear of water - Mostly connected with her kidnapping and near drowning in season 2.
  • Lexie Grey from Grey's Anatomy is sometimes portrayed as one of Alex's alternate universe counterparts since she is also played by Chyler Leigh. It doesn't hurt that they share the same first name (Alexandra), and have a surprising amount of parallels.


By end of Season 1 Alex/Astra was the most popular femslash and overall pairing for Alex, while het pairings of Alex/J'onn and Alex/Maxwell gained smaller followings. However, come Season 2 most Alex related ships were quickly overtaken in favor of the canon relationship developed between her and Maggie Sawyer. Alex/Maggie had already gained attention before Season 2 began airing as spoilers released showed that at least one character on the series would be confirmed as gay within the new season. When the casting and character of Maggie was revealed, a comicsverse canon lesbian character, fans immediately started shipping Maggie with Alex.

Alex/Maggie Alex/Astra Alex/Kara Alex/Lucy Alex/Lena Alex/Sam Alex/Sara
Alex/J'onn Alex/Maxwell Alex/Winn
Alex/Maggie/Lucy Alex/Astra/Maggie


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