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Name: Dr. Alexandra "Alex" Danvers
Occupation: Director of the D.E.O., bio-engineer
Relationships: Eliza Danvers (mother), Jeremiah Danvers (father)
Kara Danvers (adoptive sister)
Maggie Sawyer (ex-fiancée)
J'onn J'onzz (surrogate father)
Fandom: Supergirl
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Alex Danvers is a Supergirl (TV series) character and the adoptive sister of Supergirl herself.


Alex's first appearance was in the CBS and CW television series Supergirl as Kara's adoptive sister. She is a bio-engineer and becomes the director of the D.E.O. at their base in National City in Season 3. Alex came out as a lesbian in Season 2.

Alex has been in romantic relationships with Maggie Sawyer and Kelly Olsen.

In season 4, John Deegan, a mad psychiatrist who works at Earth-1's Arkham Asylum, uses the Book of Destiny to rewrite reality on his Earth; in this new reality, Alex's Earth-1 counterpart is working for him. This Alex is intrigued to learn of her Earth-38 counterpart's life after Kara reveals herself as the adoptive sister of her Earth's Alex. She helps Kara escape from Deegan and this reality is undone by the combined efforts of Kara, Oliver Queen, Barry Allen, and Clark Kent.

Alex also appears in the other Arrowverse shows: The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow. She also appears in the comics series based off the Supergirl TV series, Adventures of Supergirl. She has yet to appear in the DC Comics, nor is she based on any existing character.


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Common Tropes and Fanon

  • Alcohol - Alex's relationship to alcohol, as well as her past history of partying and heavy drinking, are often explored in fanworks.
  • Alex (and the Danvers family) being Jewish.
  • Surfer!Alex - While never mentioned outright in the series itself, there has been some indication that Alex may have surfed when she was younger.
  • PTSD/Fear of water - Mostly connected with her kidnapping and near drowning in season 2.
  • Lexie Grey from Grey's Anatomy is sometimes portrayed as one of Alex's alternate universe counterparts since she is also played by Chyler Leigh. It doesn't hurt that they share the same first name (Alexandra), and have a surprising amount of parallels.


By the end of Season 1, Alex/Astra was the most popular femslash and overall pairing for Alex, while het pairings of Alex/J'onn and Alex/Maxwell gained smaller followings. However, come Season 2 most Alex related ships were quickly overtaken in favor of the canon relationship developed between her and Maggie Sawyer. Alex/Maggie had already gained attention before Season 2 began airing as spoilers released showed that at least one character on the series would be confirmed as gay within the new season. When the casting and character of Maggie was revealed, a comicsverse canon lesbian character, fans immediately started shipping Maggie with Alex. After the Sanvers break-up, fans started shipping Alex/Sam and Alex/Lena became more prominent as the latter two characters spent more time together. The gen pairing of Alex with her sister Kara is one of the most popular ships in the fandom and has remained so for the duration of the series. In Season 4, Alex was given another love interest who she later marries in the show's final episode: Kelly Olsen.

portmanteau ship character type
• Agent Canary Alex/Sara Sara Lance femslash
• Agent Frost Alex/Caitlin Caitlin Snow femslash
• Agent Lane Alex/Lucy Lucy Lane femslash
• Agent Reign
• Danvarias
Alex/Sam Sam Arias femslash
• AgentCorp Alex/Lena Lena Luthor femslash
• Agentreigncorp Alex/Lena/Sam Sam Arias & Lena Luthor poly
• Dansen Alex/Kelly Kelly Olsen femslash
• General Danvers Alex/Astra Astra In-Ze femslash
• General Sanvers Alex/Astra/Maggie Astra In-Ze & Maggie Sawyer poly
• Kalex Alex/Kara Kara Danvers femslash
• Sanvarias Alex/Sam/Maggie Sam Arias & Maggie Sawyer poly
• Sanvers Alex/Maggie Maggie Sawyer femslash
Alex/Agent Vasquez Vasquez femslash
Alex/Diana Diana Prince femslash
Alex/Cat Cat Grant femslash
Alex/J'onn J'onn J'onzz het
Alex/Maxwell Maxwell Lord het
Alex/Winn Winn Schott het
Alex/Maggie/Lucy Maggie Sawyer & Lucy Lane poly


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