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Name: Margaret "Maggie" Sawyer
Occupation: Police detective
Location: Gotham City, Formerly Metropolis, Star City
Status: alive
Relationships: James Buchanan Sawyer (ex-husband)
Jamie Sawyer (daughter)
Toby Raynes (girlfriend)
Kate Kane/Batwoman (girlfriend)
Alex Danvers (ex-fiancée)
Fandom: DC Comics, Supergirl (2015 TV series)
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Maggie Sawyer is a DC Comics character.



Maggie Sawyer first appeared in Superman Vol 2 #4 (April, 1987).

Maggie Sawyer is a police officer who has worked in Gotham City and Metropolis. Beginning her career as a member of the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit, she worked alongside Dan Turpin as her partner and frequently interacted with Superman. Following a transfer, she becomes a detective in the Gotham City Police Department where she interacts with Batman. She is an open lesbian and has pursued relationships with several women.--Maggie Sawyer at DC Comics Database

Supergirl (TV Series)

Maggie is a police detective of the National City Police Department and a member of the Science Police. She was also Alex Danvers's fiancée, however the engagement was broken off amicably after finding out that Alex wanted children and Maggie did not.

Other Adaptions

Maggie Sawyer appeared in multiple episodes of Superman: The Animated Series and one episode in Justice League. Maggie also appeared on Smallville multiple times throughout the seasons (including Season 11) as a police lieutenant and later a detective. The video game Batman: Arkham Knight mentions Maggie while Kate Kane speaks of their marriage.


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Supergirl (TV Series)

While fans had little issue with Maggie Sawyer being a person of color in the Supergirl series continuity, some were unhappy to find out that Floriana Lima, a dark skinned white actress of Italian descent, would be playing the part.[1] Before the casting Lima was announced, showrunner Andrew Kreisberg noted that Maggie was Latina, though the show itself only had Maggie refer to herself as "non-white". Discussions of whitewashing continued throughout the fandom, but lessen somewhat after season 2 finished airing as many became avid fans of Maggie and Alex's relationship.

As season 2 aired, Maggie's storyline with Alex was very well received, however there's a segment of fans who dislike the idea of Maggie being with anyone other than Kate Kane, her former love interest from the comics. There's also a smaller segment of fans who are angry about the show omitting Toby Raynes, Maggie's original girlfriend.

The announcement that Lima would be downgraded from a regular cast member in Season 3, has had many fans worried about what this will mean for her and Alex's relationship, especially given the CW's large role in the massive swath of Bury Your Gays across a bunch of TV shows the previous year. Although it was at least made clear that it's entirely Lima's own decision, as she was caught off guard by her upgrade to regular, and wanted time to pursue other jobs.



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