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Pairing: Sara Lance/Alex Danvers
Alternative name(s): Salex, Saralex, Agent Canary
Gender category: Femslash (F/F)
Fandom: Arrowverse, Supergirl (TV series), Legends of Tomorrow
Canonical?: yes
Prevalence: rare
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Sara/Alex is a femslash pairing of Sara Lance and Alex Danvers from the Arrowverse.


Sara and Alex first meet in the Crisis on Earth-X crossover special as Alex and Kara visit Earth 1 for Barry and Iris' wedding. Sara and Alex drink together at the rehearsal dinner and eventually end up sleeping together. Following an attack by Earth-X Nazis, they team up to fight the Earth-X villains and save their multiple Earths from Nazis.


There had been speculation over what kind of interactions Sara and Alex could have after Alex came out in season 2 of Supergirl. Some fans were disappointed that Alex did not appear in the 2016 crossover special as they had hoped Sara and Alex would be able to meet.

Reaction to their first meeting and subsequent sleeping together in Crisis on Earth-X was generally favored, however there was some push-back from fans who felt it happened too quickly after Alex had broken off her engagement to feel respectful of Sanvers.


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