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Pairing: Alex Danvers/Maxwell Lord
Alternative name(s): Lanvers, Malex
Gender category: Het, M/F
Fandom: Supergirl (TV series)
Canonical?: no
Prevalence: rare
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Alex/Maxwell is the het pairing of Alex Danvers and Maxwell Lord from the Supergirl (TV series) fandom.


The Alex/Maxwell pairing appeared after Maxwell and Alex's first meeting[1] and got a boost of interest due to their "dinner date".[2] They also received another large interest boost when they briefly held hands during the season 1 finale.[3] So far, it's a fairly rare pairing in the Supergirl fandom[4] - with few fanworks dedicated to it. Most of the fandom is located on Tumblr with gifsets and picspams the most common thing on the tags. YouTube has a few pairing vids and as of February 18, 2016, 1 fic located at AO3 and at least 2 fics at FFN,[5] which slowly increased over the next year with at least 15 fics at FFN and 49 works at AO3.

Alex/Maxwell has been referred to as "Lanvers" and "Malex" mostly with only a few mentions of "Lordvers",[6] "Danlord", "Lexwell",[7] "Maxlex" and "Alexwell".[8]

Alex/Maxwell got jossed by Season 2 with Alex revealed to be a lesbian and with the disappearance of Maxwell Lord (Since Season 1 he has not appeared in the series, although a few mentions of his company have continued throughout the series).



  • Christmas Cheer by darkjewelledassassin, Alex's Christmas shopping is interrupted by Maxwell Lord.
  • One Out Of Two Isn't Bad by Whirlwind, For helping her sister, Alex brings Max something he's been asking for.
  • Closer to You by iheartShules, Maxwell Lord swindles a 'date' out of Alex to protect him from a possible threat.
  • Things We Don't Say by iheartShules, Alex has one simple thing to say to Maxwell Lord before she can leave for the night after a terrible day of nearly losing her sister and having to kill Astra to save Hank.
  • Final Farewell by darkjewelledassassin, Kara convinces Alex to attend a CatCo launch party and Maxwell Lord crashes it.
  • Patch Up by Whirlwind, When Alex returns injured from a mission, Max offers to help patch her up.
  • Next On My To-Do List by youmeandthehurricane, Alex Danvers has been shot with a poisoned bullet and only Maxwell Lord can save her
  • Not Alone by Whirlwind, Maxwell Lord can't help feeling lonely as everyone in National City has someone to rejoice with over Myriad being stopped.
  • Buried-Alive by youmeandthehurricane, Astra and Non have attacked Lord Technologies. Alex manages to shield Max from immediate danger, but can they survive what comes next (or will Alex kill him first)?
  • Shattered by tvfan69, Ever since Kara came to earth Alex has been expected to be able to guide her, and somehow that came to include being able to pick up her pieces. She mastered it, eventually, but what about her pieces? The events of "Falling" had a huge impact on her, so will someone be there when she's the one who breaks?
  • Easter-Cheer by darkjewelledassassin, Cheer #2: Easter (In which Eliza Danvers finds Maxwell Lord asleep on Alex's couch and forces him to eat food)
  • The Old Creek Inn by Whirlwind, The DEO is in need of a specific piece of tech, and the only way to get it requires Alex to team up with Maxwell Lord in order to secure it. Which leads to a set of circumstances that forces the two of them to have to share a bed together.


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