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Synonyms: Housemates AU, Flatmates AU, Apartment AU, New Girl AU, Friends AU, Living Together
Related: Alternate Universe, Canon Divergence AU
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Roommates AU is a fanfic trope fairly common in various fandoms, where the stories are in a universe where a group of characters or at least two characters are roommates in an apartment or a house. This was probably influenced by the television shows Friends and New Girl. It's often mixed with another alternate universe tropes such as Modern AU and College AU. Roommates AU is often used as a way to get a pairing together.

Example Fanworks

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The 100:

  • to build a home by manycoloureddays, Bellamy/Clarke, Clarke was here doing these three boys a favour; the only person to answer their ad online asking for “someone with no criminal record, a steady paycheck, and some goddamn common sense”. She didn’t need to be judged by Bellamy Blake. (New Girl/Roommates AU, Witch!Clarke)

Agents of SHIELD:


  • You Irritate Me by Nat. The band's female best friend shares an apartment with them; things get sexual.

Teen Wolf:

One Direction

Various combinations of the 1D boys often live together in fics: