You Irritate Me

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Title: You Irritate Me
Author(s): Nat
Date(s): 2008-2009
Length: 31 chapters
Genre: het romance, comedy
Fandom: Hanson
External Links: You Irritate Me and What's Your Flavor

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You Irritate Me is a Hanson fanfic by Nat. It was written from 2008 to 2009. The author's summary of this rom-com is as follows:

Kinsey Jackson and Zac Hanson are best friends and have been since they were in diapers. Their fathers were college roommates, and their families remained close even as Zac and his brothers rose to fame. As the guys prepared to release their latest album, Kinsey moved with Zac and his brothers to NYC. The only problem in their family-friends-forever relationship is that Kinsey and Taylor can’t manage to get through a day without irritating the hell out of each other.

What's Your Flavor?: Sequel

Nat wrote several drabbles based on a prompt table that filled in some events before, during and after You Irritate Me. Although not a proper sequel, they do provide some details about Kinsey and Taylor's relationship after the end of the story.

Reactions and Reviews

Nat has a real knack for comedic writing and with this story, she goes in all the way. She’s switched layouts since I read it, but originally even the layout continued the story’s theme; it was designed to look like the refrigerator door in Kinsey and the boys’ apartment—covered in photos, amusing notes, etc. The chapter titles each cracked me up and I looked forward to what new insult Nat would come up with. It was a fun game to guess when and how Taylor would be called the creative name that featured in each title. That kind of devotion to a concept is part of what makes a really great story for me[1]

To play the devil's advocate - I am normally all about slash and cest because ... yeah het fic is usually boring. You Irritate Me is actually quite good. This is probably the only het hanfic I will ever say this about. The main female is actually an original, well-developed character. To be honest, of the four main characters (Kinsey and the boys), Zac is really the only one that's lacking in any way. The conflict is one I haven't seen before, and... yeah, I am all about hancest, but I absolutely love YIM. I definitely see your point here... but once in a while there is a diamond in the rough :)[2]

You Irritate Me is really frustrating right now, because I want to like Zac, since he's supposedly the OFC's best friend, but... I really can't stand him (even before the most recent chapters). [3]

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You Irritate Me won awards in the Blank Page Awards, Hanson Only Awards and Thieves and Liars Awards. It made it to the final round of Last Story Standing. It is also featured in the hall of fame and on the Your Illusion top five lists.