Last Story Standing

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Name: Last Story Standing
Date(s): 2009
Frequency: once
Format: popular vote
Type: fanfic
Associated Community:
Fandom: Hanson
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The Last Story Standing were Hanson awards moderated by Becca, which were held once in 2009. The premise was based on sports brackets, with fans nominating their all time favorite stories that were then put into "divisions" (named for Hanson lyrics) that were voted on in multiple rounds until one winner could be declared.

Round One

Bleeding Hearts

Won Eliminated
Infinite Orange Sky
Catapult The Quiet One
Revelations Perfect Girl
Damn It Go

Cadillac Blues

Won Eliminated
The Tempest Tossed Operation Tulsa Thunder
When It All Falls Apart Seamless
Drive Lived
You Irritate Me Starlight

Round Two

Bleeding Hearts

Won Eliminated
Catapult Infinite
Revelations Damn It

Cadillac Blues

Won Eliminated
When It All Falls Apart The Tempest Tossed
You Irritate Me Drive

Round Three

Bleeding Hearts

Won Eliminated
Catapult Revelations

Cadillac Blues

Won Eliminated
You Irritate Me When It All Falls Apart

Round Four

Final Story

Won Eliminated
Catapult You Irritate Me