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Name: Becca
Alias(es): becboobear, iwant2baweasley, allyxocorbin
Type: graphic designer, moderator and writer
Fandoms: Hanson, High School Musical, Harry Potter, Marvel
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Becca is a Hanson, High School Musical, Harry Potter and Marvel fan who has written a number of popular stories.

She is also known for moderating challenges and awards, including Christmas Time, Feel What I Dream Awards and Last Story Standing.

Fandom Timeline

As of May 2021, Becca has been writing for one fandom or another for nearly 23 years.

Hanson Fanfiction

Becca started writing Hanson fanfiction in about 1998, sharing her stories via email groups. It eventually led to her creating her own webpages, first on angelfire then hosted by friends who had domains. She even had her own domain for a few years.

She was active in Hanson fanfiction until about 2007-2008.

She returned to Hanson fanfiction in 2010, after rediscovering her love for Hanson following their 5 for 5 concert series.

The last story she wrote for the band was in 2011.

High School Musical Fanfiction

Under the pen name of Ally, Becca wrote stories for High School Musical from about 2008-2009.

Harry Potter Fanfiction

In 2011, after seeing the last movie in the theater, Becca wrote her first Harry Potter story. She was an active Harry Potter writer, especially on livejournal, until 2016.

Marvel Fanfiction / Chris Evans RPF Fanfiction

In 2016, Becca wrote her first Chris Evans RPF story, which naturally gave way to her writing for Marvel as well, mostly for Captain America.

As of May 2021, she is still actively writing for Chris Evans and his many characters.

Notable Works