Strange and Beautiful Series

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Title: Strange and Beautiful Series
Author(s): Brittney
Date(s): April-October 2006
Length: 47 chapters as fanfic; 504 pages as novel
Genre: het romance
Fandom: Hanson
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The Strange and Beautiful Series is a series of Hanson fanfics by Brittney. Since 2012, she has been in the process of self-publishing the series (which has a planned total of four books) as original fiction.


Infinite is the first novel in the series and thus far the only one to be self-published. It follows Cecilia 'Silly' Granger through her freshman year of high school, where she meets and begins to date Zac Hanson (Jackson Hart in the published version), while also dealing with family drama, bullies and more.

The official description from reads:[1]

High school is scary enough, but it's even scarier when most of your classmates think you're weird and you can't even count on your siblings to make the transition easier. This is the problem Silly Granger faces as she's thrown into a new world, filled with freedom, expectations and problems unlike any she's had before. On top of contending with the resident bully and unexpected changes at home, she's faced with trying to make sense of the opposite sex. With her best friend by her side, Silly's beliefs and optimism about herself and life are tested as she tries to survive nineth grade.

The title and much of the story is inspired by The Perks of Being a Wallflower.


Soliace is the second novel in the series, which was partially published as fanfic. It follows the progression of Zac and Silly's relationship during her sophomore year. It has not yet been completed and self-published.

Reactions and Reviews

From Amazon:

This story isn't about anything. There’s no overwhelming plot arch, no obvious rise and fall, no main conflict- this story is just about Silly and what happens to her during her freshman year of high school. It’s a day in the life. It’s sometimes tedious, but always well-written. I feel like this is something you need to know about the story going into it. If you’re not interested in reading about the day to day adventures of a 15 year old girl- her relationships with her parents and siblings, her struggles with bullying, her first crush/romance, puberty, her troubles with her best friend, her problems with teachers, etc.- then this isn't the book for you. (But if you think it isn't- you’re wrong.)
I've been reading her stories for years on the web. When I heard that she was being published, I had to read it. I have read the original version, and I found that I enjoyed this version as well. I'm glad that not much changed.

From GoodReads:[2]

I was fortunate to able to read this from in it's first stages all the way to the finished product. I have no words for how much I enjoyed this book!
I cried. Yes, I cried and probably at parts that you don't expect someone to cry. When Silly was feeling alone, left out and out of sorts with her family, I had tears streaming down my face. Why?? Because I have felt like the oddball in my family too. I have felt ignored or passed over many times and the words, emotions and actions in this book were so real. I am definitely a little strange or awkward by most people's standards, but I am simply me by mine and I wouldn't change that. I loved reading about a character that was different and learned to embrace herself and her role in her family. I loved seeing others learn to embrace her differences and finally see what an amazing person she was.


This series has won awards in the Chaos Into Art Awards, Feel What I Dream Awards, Hanficcy Awards, The Oscars: Hanson Style, Reckless Abandon Awards, Soundtrack Awards, Thieves and Liars Awards and Ugly Truth Awards and the WTF?! Hanfic Roast. Infinite was eliminated in round two of Last Story Standing.


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