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Title: Catapult
Author(s): Ella
Date(s): Sep. 2001 - Aug. 28, 2005
Length: 76 chapters, ~358k words
Genre: AU het romance
Fandom: Hanson
External Links:, Mar. 2008 via wayback

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Catapult is a Hanson fanfic by Ella. It was written from 2001 to 2005, with a few extras posted in 2005 and 2006. In the story, a rock climbing accident leaves Taylor in a coma, and his spirit visits a girl he met years ago. The two form a deep bond as they try to understand what is happening and what will happen if/when Taylor wakes up.

Reactions and Reviews

Many people are turned off by characters that read as obvious self inserts, but those are pretty much par for the course in hanfic. I found that all the characters in Catapult—original or otherwise—were so well rounded and fleshed out that I really didn’t mind the nagging feeling that Alley was based very closely on the author. Everything about this story seemed really well fleshed out to me, in fact. Maybe it’s because I’m from Kentucky (although I’ve never lived in Lexington and didn’t attend UK), but the setting seemed incredibly real to me. I always love stories where the city is practically a character of its own, so Ella gets bonus points for making the Bluegrass state such a prominent player in Catapult.[1]
May as well start out with the Queen Mother of present day Hanfic. Ella wrote a little story a couple years ago—it was good. Then, she went away. Then, she came back again and did rewrites on the story that kicked it up to the top of the heap. Catapult is a strange little plot that turns into one of the greatest love stories you’ll ever read. Read it now so you can say, I knew Ella when she was just a writer of Hanson Fan Fiction…[2]
I really LOVE this story. It reminds me a lot of Twilight in many ways, but I think it is SO much better.
catapult is NOTHING like twilight. it's a written so much better than stephanie meyers could EVER hope to write anything.
it definitely goes without saying that Stephenie Meyer could only hope to be even a fraction as good of a writer as Ella is.
erm no. Catapult is nothing like Twilight. Catapult is 700x better for a start.
I love Catapult sooooo much! I still wish I had it in book form because staring at my computer screen for hours sucked/sucks. Such a great story![3]

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Catapult won awards in the Feel What I Dream Awards, Soundtrack Awards and Various Artists Awards. It was the ultimate winner in Last Story Standing. It is featured in the and Various Artists halls of fame, as well as the Your Illusion top five lists.


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