Hanson Only Awards

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Name: Hanson Only Awards
Date(s): June-July 2009
Frequency: once
Format: popular vote
Type: fanfic
Associated Community:
Fandom: Hanson
URL: acinematicsunrise.com/hansononly
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An award given in the Hanson Only Awards

The Hanson Only Awards were Hanson fanfic awards moderated by Nat and Renee P. The awards were centered on characters within fanfic, as the moderators explained:

The idea for these awards appeared as if in a dream: have a time to honor just how writers characterize the guys in their stories and nothing else. No categories for plot, or supporting characters, just the guys. There are some amazing characterizations being written and there aren’t always enough categories to accommodate all of them, so we thought we would give everyone a chance!

Each category was created to pay special tribute to the way the brothers are characterized in various stories, the good, the bad, and the sexy. Writers are taking the brothers to new places and stretching the limits of Hanfic all the time, and this is our way of thanking them for that. Hanfic is different now than ever before, so why not have a set of awards that are the same way? Enjoy![1]

Because of this, the moderators chose to ban any stories with incestuous content from competing.[2] This upset many authors and led to several rants on the Hanfic Rants community, including Jayde's now deleted rant against hetfic.[3] The rants community itself was created only two days after nominations began for the awards.[4]

In spite of the controversy, the awards were successful, although a second round was never held.


Best Isaac

Best Taylor

Best Zac

Best brotherly relationship

Best group characterization in a story (all three brothers)

Brother you most want to bring home to Mom

Brother most likely to break your heart

Brother you would most likely fall in love with

Brother you want to be your best friend

Brother With The Best Shoulder To Cry On

Brother Most Likely To End Up In Jail

Brother Most Likely To Complain About Not Getting Any

Brother You Most Want To Have A One-Night Stand With

Brother Most Likely To Talk About Himself For 6 Hours Straight

Brother You Most Want To Push In Front Of A Moving Vehicle

Most Creative Characterization

Best Overall Characterization


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