Damaged Series

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Title: Damaged Series
Author(s): Jenna
Date(s): 2008-present
Length: 6 stories
Genre: het young adult/domestic romance
Fandom: Hanson
External Links: http://infinitelypoetic.com/?page_id=3 and damaged.foreverpoetic.com
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The Damaged Series is a series of six Hanson fanfics written by Jenna, hosted on her website Infinitely Poetic.

The series takes its title from the first story, which is so far the only one to be self-published. It follows the life of an OFC named Emma after her father dies of cancer, her mother begins to drink and she moves in with her grandmother in Tulsa, Oklahoma to escape. There, she meets Taylor Hanson, known as Taylor Green in the published version.


The second story in the series chronologically Amazed was actually written concurrently with Minor Miracles. It is told from Taylor's point of view. In it, Emma receives her own cancer diagnosis and Taylor stays by her side as she battles it.


The third story in the series, Reinvented switches back to Emma's point of view as she returns to high school and her relationship with Taylor progresses.


The fourth story in the series, Awakened begins directly after the end of Reinvented. In it, Taylor and Emma graduate from high school and, in spite of their young age, get married and begin their lives together.

Minor Miracles

The fifth story in the series, Minor Miracles breaks Jenna's titling scheme. In it, Emma experiences the ups and downs of pregnancy, with an unexpected surprise.

My Life Completed

The sixth story in the series, My Life Completed follows Taylor and Emma's domestic life together with their twins. It is currently incomplete.

Reactions and Reviews

This book is incredible. This book is about seventeen year old Emma, who looses her father and her mother's drinking gets out of control. Anyone who has ever lost someone important in their life can relate to what it's like to want to push everyone away and isolate yourself.

Deep down, all Emma wants to do is be a normal teenager. But after undergoing such a loss, she doesn't even know how to be a teenager any more. But Taylor becomes that for her. He becomes a sense of normalcy and a sense of constancy in her crazy and broken world. Both Emma and Taylor are looking for something, but they don't know exactly what. They manage to find what they're looking for in each other.

This debut novel from author J.L. Benson is a must read for YA readers who are looking for something a little unconventional.[1]


The Damaged Series won awards in the Blank Page Awards, Hanson Only Awards and Thieves and Liars Awards.


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