Beautiful Liar

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Title: Beautiful Liar
Author(s): Renee C.
Date(s): December 2008-May 2010
Length: 28 chapters
Genre: het
Fandom: Hanson
External Links: Beautiful Liar and downloadable version

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Beautiful Liar is a Hanson fanfic written by Renee C. The original summary reads:

Zac Hanson had the type of lifestyle that most men his age would dream of. He had good looks, fame, wealth, and a gorgeous wife who would do anything for him. Unfortunately, Zac never really appreciated all of the things he had, and always had to have more. Even if it meant cheating on his wife. He usually got what he wanted by doing the two things he did best… acting charming when it mattered and lying to everyone who loves him. Will Zac continue to decieve everyone around him, or will his lies all come crashing down upon him?[1]


Beautiful Liar won awards in the Blank Page Awards, Hanfic Christmas Awards, Hanson Only Awards and Thieves and Liars Awards. It is featured in the hall of fame, as well as the Your Illusion top five lists.


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