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Synonyms: Red!K, Red K!Clark, Red!Clark, RedK!Kara
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See Also: Xeno, Sex Pollen
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Red Kryptonite is a trope and plot device from Superman. It is popular with both the Smallville and Supergirl television series fandoms.

Green!K refers to Green Kryptonite.


The effects of red kryptonite vary across DC Comics canon.

Red Kryptonite

Canon: Comics, Smallville, Super Friends, Lois and Clark, Krypto the Superdog

Effects: In the comics, the effects of Red K vary from one exposure to the next. It may cause anything from lowered inhibitions to anger to apathy to growing a third eye.


In Smallville canon, Red K only works upon contact with skin, and induces a drug-like effect, resulting in the loss of inhibitions, unpredictability, and general selfishness and eroticism. It has the same effect with every exposure, and the effects last as long as close contact with the mineral is maintained.

Outside of Smallville, the effects of Red K generally last 24-48 hours, after which the affected Kryptonian will be immune to that particular piece of Red K.[1]


Episodes involving red kryptonite and important to fanon are Red, Rush, Exodus, Exile, Phoenix, Unsafe, and Crimson.

As a fan put it:

Red kryptonite: Rids Clark of all his inhibitions. His actions under the influence are completely selfish, without any thought to the possible consequences to himself, or the harm he causes to others. Causes an irresistable urge to wear sexy black clothing. :)[2]


Red Kryptonite alters Kryptonians minds by weakening and gradually destroying their inhibitions, as well as bringing out every negative thought to the surface. They can even feel its effects long after they have left its presence. As this happens, red, glowing veins momentarily protrude from the skin when they first come near it and in times when the victim's actions and thoughts are most affected by the Red Kryptonite. Symptoms of Red Kryptonite infection first start as the Kryptonian becoming more abrasive and immature in personality and actions as their mental and emotional restraint is lessened. Eventually, the Kryptonian will be left without morality, patience, rationality or any cares, whatsoever. They can even develop narcissistic tendencies and arrogance that results in an inferiority complex. After having expressed their negative personality traits fully, the Kryptonian will become malevolent and prone to hostility and aggression, leaving them a danger to everyone around them.

Maxwell Lord knew how to make it in Season 1.


Red Kryptonite quickly became popular in Smallville fandom after it became apparent that it was a canon sex pollen.

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Red Kryptonite appeared in Supergirl (TV series). Despite it not having an effect on sexuality in the Arrowverse, Supergirl fanworks often imagine red kryptonite as similar to Smallville canon.


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