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Stage Gay refers to the behaviour of (male) singers while performing for an audience. Some bands--from Bandom to K-pop to J-pop--play up homoerotic tension onstage as a form of fanservice: "“Stage gay” is exactly what it sounds like, a reference, either veiled or explicit, to homosexuality for the purposes of publicity or awareness."

For fans, the appeal seems to transcend the purely visceral appeal of watching two hot guys lick the sweat out of each other’s mouths (om nom nom). In a society which remains stubbornly heterosexually centered, those who play with sexuality are admirable in their rebellion. Ironically, exhibiting traditional heterosexual love now seems distinctly N*Sync-worthy: today’s teenage rebels sans a cause pledge allegiance to rockers who present themselves in a fashion generally disapproved of by the average mom. Despite this, to raise the subject with the band itself is to invite deadpan stares or resigned laughter: although they take advantage of it, they simply don’t understand the allure. [1]

Bandom's Stagegay Wank

2007 saw a round of stagegay wank in Bandom, started by phaballa's post:

Later meta:


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