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Snogger is an X-Files term often used in a derogatory fashion, especially in the English-speaking world[1], to refer to a person who ships David Duchovny/Gillian Anderson or believes that they were/are romantically involved.

Examples of Use

... RPF is still a big deal in oldskool XF circles. And it's very important to maintain a certain ironic distance to make sure no one thinks you're a tinhat or a snogger, as we are called in Philedom, even if the legitimate news media is going bonkers over your ship.[2]
Anonymous asked:

You are an absolute c*nt and I hope you suffer because of the lies you post. And I've seen your profile pic on Twitter and you're as ugly on the outside as you are on the inside. Figures why you're so jealous of GA. Same as other snoggers I've seen pictures of.


Use of Term in Non-English Speaking Fandom

It's notable that in non-English speaking X-Files fandom, for example in Spanish[4][5],[6] and Russian[7] XF communities, the term is used without shame, nor in a derogatory way to identify as a shipper of the Anderson/Duchovny pairing.

In the German X-Files Fandom, the term was hardly used; supporters of the pairing prefered to call themselves DAGS (DavidAndGillianShippers). After the end of the run of the original series of the X-Files and with the release of the second X-Files feature film I Want To Believe, the term Gillovny started to gain popularity and there was less shaming about being somebody who shipped the pairing.

It's possible that a lot of the First Wave fans had left the fandom by then and were replaced by younger fans who weren't around in the online fandom in the 1990s and didn't knew about the taboo about shipping Anderson and Duchovny. Fans that consider themselves Gillovny often take their shipping not very seriously; for example it's often stated in post that "one can be found in the (Gillovny) trashcan". Nevertheless, a certain "hardcore" fraction of the Gillovny fandom has been likened to being "the alt-right" of the fandom[8], so that there is again and still shaming and fandom policing by some loud voices, especially on tumblr and twitter who consider themselves as "mainstream".

Difference Between Being a Snogger and Being Gillovny

There is no universal definition what the term Gillovny refers to since it can either mean that somebody enjoys the adorkable friendship Anderson and Duchovny live publicly (including Twitter Fuckery[9] and them enjoying an adult relationship[10]) and/or shipping them romantically.

Most people in the X-Files fandom tend to define a snogger as somebody who

  • is convinced that Duchovny at least fathered one of Anderson children (if not all)
  • is convinced that Anderson and Duchovny a secretly married to each other[11]
  • they hate(d) Duchovny's now ex-wife Téa Leoni

and is "obsessed" with one or all three of the above[12].



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