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Pairing: Wang Yibo/Xiao Zhan
Alternative name(s): 博君一肖 (Bó Jūn Yī Xiāo), BJYX, ZSWW, LSFY, YiZhan, WangXiao
Gender category: m/m
Fandom: The Untamed RPF/Chinese Actor RPF
Canonical?: no
Prevalence: popular
Other: Lan Wangji/Wei Wuxian
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Wang Yibo/Xiao Zhan is the m/m ship for Chinese actors Wang Yibo and Xiao Zhan, the two leads of The Untamed. It is the most popular ship in The Untamed RPF for both English-speaking and Chinese-speaking fandoms.

The ship has a fair number of tinhats who believe the actors are in a real relationship and are keeping it a secret for various personal and professional reasons. Tinhats generally believe that the two grew close while filming The Untamed and began dating.


WYB (left) and XZ celebrating Chinese New Year, while feeding a turtle symbolizing BJYX fans. Fanart by 狐狸大王a on lofter (2020)

English-speaking fandom often uses the ship name BJYX or sometimes YiZhan. BJYX was imported from Chinese fandom and is short for Bo Jun Yi Xiao (博君一肖). However, in Chinese fandom, BJYX refers to a specific ship dynamic (top!Wang Yibo/bottom!Xiao Zhan), and there are two other dynamics: ZSWW, short for Zhan Shan Wei Wang 战山为王 (top!Xiao Zhan/bottom!Wang Yibo), and LSFY, short for Lian Suo Fan Ying 连琑反应 (don't care/switch).[1] BJYX appears to be the most popular dynamic of the three on weibo, and may have been the most popular ship overall on weibo in 2019.[2][3] BJYX may be the most popular because it mirrors the canon ship dynamic of their characters in the original novel (top!Lan Wangji/bottom!Wei Wuxian).

The ship is also sometimes referred to as ggdd. gg is short for gege, Mandarin for (big) brother, but can be used to refer to someone who isn't related to you. Likewise dd, short for didi, Mandarin for (little) brother. Wang Yibo was born in 1997, and Xiao Zhan was born in 1991.

In a behind-the-scenes video, Xiao Zhan supposedly wrote the ship name WangXiao and then hastily erased it.[4] WangXiao is also in use, but seems to be less popular than YiZhan, at least on AO3.[5]

A Twitter thread discussing the names for the shippers in Chinese fandom:


the fans of bjyx are called 'bxg', which is an abbreviation of '博肖 girl/Bo Xiao girl' or '百香果/bai xiang guo' (passionfruit) or sometimes '巴西龟/ba xi gui' (brazilian turtle). the b and x come from wyb's bo and xz's xiao respectively.[6]


there are actually several different bxg~ it's based on platform, bjyx fans on weibo are called 百香果, on douban they're called 巴西龟 (this is the turtle), on bili they're called 白雪鸽, on...i think lofter they're called 冰西瓜.[7]


zsww fans (still ggdd, just gg topping lol) are called 小土匪 (little thieves?), and there's one more that's not bxg abbrev but i forgot what platform they're on. oh and on netease (i think, the music platform where dd's Wugan launched), we're 不锈钢. XD[8]

BJYXSZD, short for Bo Jun Yi Xiao Shi Zhen De (博君一肖是真的), is a commonly used abbreviation meaning "BJYX is real". It has an AO3 tag and a weibo supertopic.


As of September 2021, the ship has at least 2.5K stories on Wattpad[9] and 6045 fanworks on AO3 (probably closer to 7-8K because a lot of the Chinese works put BJYX in the fandom field instead of the relationships field).[10] Chinese fans have posted fanart and fanfic on Lofter and Weibo, as well as on bilibili, where vids and audio fanworks can also be found. Fans fluent in various languages have posted fanart of the actors together and separately on twitter.

Fanwork Examples

AUs are popular in BJYX fanworks, including cyberpunk and science fiction. Fanart by 空口说白头 on lofter (2020)

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