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Shippy is the adjectival form of ship: having the quality of or pertaining to romantic relationships between characters. Shippy can be used to describe canon interactions between characters, as well as fanworks that are not gen. Like slashy, shippy can be applied to subtext, as well as to acknowledged romance.

In recent years the word "crumbs" has gained popularity as some sort of synonym. Crumbs means any kind of in-canon mini-interaction between two characters from the preferred ship. It is often appiled to new content and releases but not exclusively. It can also mean seeing said characters together in a scene from a manga or a book or even in promotional material. The concept is also related to slash goggles. E.g., "Bakudeku nation, come and get y'all crumbs!"

The word crumbs is also used about fanfiction, when someone reads a fanfic for a ship that has minor relevance in said fic, for the scenes they share together, instead of reading it for the main ship. E.g., "I'm reading this Kamijirou fic for the Bakudeku crumbs."