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Synonyms: Teddy Mercury
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Rainbow Bondage Bear aka RBB is a rainbow-colored teddy bear dressed in bondage gear that was prominently displayed at many One Direction concerts in 2014 and 2015. As the story goes, a fan threw the teddy bear on stage at a 1D concert in May 2014; someone kept the bear, added the bondage gear, and set it next to various pieces of stage equipment at future concerts where it was visible to fans. In 2015, a second, smaller bear was added to the display; fans call this bear Sugar Baby Bear aka SBB. RBB and SBB's costumes became increasingly elaborate, and props and furniture were added.

It is unclear who came up with the name. No one on the 1D crew has publicly claimed responsibility for the bear, but a Twitter account for RBB run by someone with inside access was created in August 2014 and then deleted soon after. The account was bondagebear1d and had the title Mr Bear. Another apparently inside Twitter account, Rbbsbbofficial, was created in October 2015 with the title Mr R.B. Bear & Co.; this account was deleted in February 2016. Fans have long tried to figure out who is behind the bears; as of August 2016, the latest suspect is sound engineer Mark Littlewood[1].

RBB has been a source of fascination and glee for fandom. Many fans have photographed the bears, and spotting them at concerts has been a long-running game. RBB and friend have also inspired fanart.

The bears have also been incorporated into the conspiracy theories about 1D members Harry and Louis being in a secret relationship. Some fans believe that RBB is a message and have been trying to decode the hidden meaning behind the various costumes and tableaus. Apparently one of the bear's feet has blue and green stickers, and blue and green represent Louis and Harry either because of their eye colors or the color coding on their mics, so therefore the bears are from Harry and Louis. According to larries.[2][3]

Conversely, it has been suggested that the 1D crew is actively trolling larries.


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