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Synonyms: big larrie blog, BNF
See also: larrie, anti-larrie, stunt, Rainbow Bondage Bear
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Big Larrie is a term used in One Direction fandom to refer to a larrie who has an active blog with a lot of followers and is therefore a major source of Larry speculation and information. Big larries are essentially the BNFs of Larry fandom.

The term appears to be used by both larries and anti-larries.

2015 Controversy

Anti-larries frequently criticize these "big blogs" for spreading misinformation and encouraging bad behavior, arguing that big larries have been manipulating their followers:

The lies that the Big Blogs tell are the worst. Because they pretend as if they are telling everyone the Truth, and that it’s everyone else who has lied to you. At best, these blogs are only giving people a piece of the story. They assign significance to things that aren’t necessarily significant (tossing the doll off the stage “it’s not real” or Harry’s dry “not that important”) and use them as Proof of this hidden relationship.[1]

every time something happens that threatens larries ship/theories, they start posting fetus Larry gifs and footage and keep repeating to their followers “stay calm” “Larry is real” “remember Louis got the dagger”. Like, if you were that confident in your ship why the need for constant reassurance?[2]

older larries are showing you specific content and omitting other content that would invalidate what they want you to believe for the sheer purpose of making you think you’re judging situations for yourselves. in reality, they are still subtly controlling what u guys choose to believe by withholding certain information from u. that is the definition of manipulation.[3]

The source of this analysis may or may not be a May 2015 tumblr post: sunshineforlou posted screenshots from a private tumblr revealing that the group discussed what to reblog and when "to keep the doubt at a minimum". sunshineforlou wrote,

Don´t you think it´s a bit suspicious that many blogs are answering their ask the same way? That the general topics that are discussed about in the fandom are often set bye those people?

They have the “power” to change the mood of the fandom with what they answer and how! They know that as well and guess what they do?

They for example have tumblr group blogs on which they talk about how to handle things! No kidding![4]

sunshineforlou didn't name anyone or the blog in their original post and said that not all big blogs were necessarily like this. worshippedlove, who was a member of the group, posted a rebuttal, saying that sunshineforlou's characterization of the blog was misleading and that "this is not some secret society bullshit" but a "brainstorming" group.[5] worshippedlove included quotes to prove that sunshineforlou's characterization was wrong, but genuinelybelieve,[6] one of the people quoted, reblogged worshippedlove's post to say that they had already left the group because they didn't agree with the group's purpose and "my words are being used disingenuously to support efforts that I think are ill-advised."[7]

The incident was widely reported in non-larrie circles after sunshineforlou's expose.

In March 2016, an anti-larrie posted a collection of screenshots from the secret group that had been supplied by one of the members.[8][9] Vlogging in November 2017, shit-larries-say concluded that because this group conspired to prevent Larry fandom from knowing about Louis's 2015 clubbing phase, they were directly responsible for Larries being extra surprised by and suspicious of the subsequent pregnancy announcement (see Babygate).[10]

verily-i-say, a big larrie, had this to say about anti-larrie analysis:

I’ll never understand how they seem convinced that a handful of ‘Big Larries’ have somehow managed to brainwash tens of thousands of people into believing something… like, that’s so insulting to the intelligence of everyone in this fandom? Everyone has eyes and people make up their own minds about what they believe in. We’re all just here shouting about stuff on the internet together. I think the only way they can come to terms with the sheer numbers in our side of the fandom, is to disenfranchise most of us. It’s sad and misguided of them.[11]

Falling Out of Use?

In 2022 while complaining about journalist Kaitlyn Tiffany's book Everything I Need I Get From You, twopoppies argued that Tiffany had misunderstood the meaning of the term "big larrie":

Her concept of "big larries" is Amy. Which is really stupid. Amy has a ton of followers, but she's never been a "big larrie" in the way that term was used when the boys were still in the band. It's not even a term that's relevant these days (which goes to show you how out of touch the author is). I don't think any of those big accounts are even still active and anyone you might consider a "big larrie" isn't influencing fandom the way they did back then. It's just so different.[12]

However, some fans appear to still be using the term.[13][14][15]


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