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Pairing: Louis Tomlinson/Eleanor Calder
Alternative name(s): Elounor
Gender category: Het, f/m
Fandom: One Direction
Canonical?: yes
Prevalence: controversial
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Elounor is the ship name for the relationship between One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder. In real life, Tomlinson and Calder had a four-year relationship that ended in March 2015 but was rekindled in early 2017.

It is extremely controversial in the fandom, as many Larry Stylinson tinhats claim and have repeatedly tried to prove that the relationship is/was purely PR, with Eleanor as a beard. Various theories exist regarding Eleanor's "real" identity (as the daughter of a media mogul, or as a pair of twins or even triplets, etc), despite overwhelming evidence to her sincerity and the reality of their relationship.

In Fanworks

As of January 12, 2020, 1212 works were tagged Eleanor Calder/Louis Tomlinson on AO3 (compared to 35K stories tagged Larry). Elounor is rarely the focus or the endgame pairing of the stories: when Harry/Louis is filtered out, only 466 stories remain, and even within those, the stories often focus on another member's relationship.

Although in a great number of Elounor stories the ship is discarded (infidelity, breakup, etc) so that Larry can end up together, Elounor does not necessarily exist in opposition to Larry or other slash Louis pairings; they can co-exist in the same universe, for example, in poly verses, in verses where Larry is unrequited, where m/m is brought up as a fantasy within the couple, etc. Eleanor can also feature as a side (or main) character in other ship stories as an ex, or sometimes even paired with another 1D member's girlfriend.

As with every f/m pairing where a juggernaught fanon m/m pairing exists, fanworks might feature vitriol and misogyny towards the female character.

Apparent Popularity

Elounor has sometimes appeared to be a more popular ship than it is due to One Direction fandom's loose use of the word shipping to mean support for or belief in a relationship. For example, academic Bethan Jones's analysis of One Direction fans on social media led to the claim that "Approximately half the fandom ship Larry, the other half preferring Elounor".[1] Half the fandom in 2014 may have been happy that Louis was dating Eleanor, but they were not necessarily creating fanworks about it.

Example Fanworks

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