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A boy band is a vocal group consisting of young male singers, usually in their teens or twenties at the time the group is formed. Most boy band members do not play musical instruments, and many boy bands are assembled by the record labels rather than forming on their own. Most boy bands dance as well as sing, and their concerts involve highly choreographed performances.[1]

Boybands are often denigrated for their main fanbase, pre-teen and teenage girls. They have also inspired creative fanworks and organized fan activity among fans of all ages.

Boybands are also sometimes used as an AU trope in fanworks for non-boyband fandoms. See the AO3 tag.

Also see Real Person Fiction.

List of Fandoms for Boy Bands

The following is an incomplete list of boyband fandoms on Fanlore. Note: What constitutes inclusion on this list may vary among fans.

pre 1980s

pre 2000s

post 2000s

see also Category:K-Pop Fandom

Bands marked with an asterisk (*) are commonly labeled boy bands (especially by mainstream media), but fans often argue that the groups don't belong in this category because they do write their own music and play instruments.

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