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Synonyms: Jpop
See also: K-Pop, C-pop, K-Rock, Johnny's Entertainment, Hello! Project
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J-Pop refers to Japanese pop. J-Pop has an active RPF fandom with over 35,000 works on Archive of Our Own as of February 2023[1].

Its history dates back to the 1950s and 60s where it came from a blend of Western music with Japanese influences to create something unique of itself.



Comparison with K-Pop

While often compared to K-Pop, they are not the same. J-Pop and K-Pop differ in terms of musical sound, image, and marketing. They have distinct although paritally overlapping.

J-Pop artists often place less emphasis on touring internationally than their K-Pop counterparts as their Japanese fanbase is larger with Japan having over twice the population of South Korea. J-Pop artists & touring places a higher emphasis on developing a fanbase within Japan as compared to a focus on their international prescene.


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