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RPF Fandom
Name(s): SMAP
Date(s): 1988?-Present
See also: Johnny's Entertainment
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SMAP is a Japanese boyband under the management of Johnny's Entertainment. They have been active as a group since 1988, and consist of five members - Nakai Masahiro, Kimura Takuya, Inagaki Goro, Kusanagi Tsuyoshi, and Katori Shingo (sixth member Mori Katsuyuki left the band in 1996). They are enormously popular in Japan and have a small English-language international fandom. Every day on Japanese television and radio members of the group can be seen and heard, whether individually or as a group, on variety shows, doramas, and commercials. Their only regular show as a group, SMAPxSMAP, has influenced the naming of many SMAP-devoted communities.

Online communities devoted to SMAP

For a long time, the most active space in SMAP fandom was La Creme d'Asie forum, but it was shut down in 2007.

Fanfiction communities

SMAP fanfic has been seen online since at least the mid-2000s in general spaces such as the SMAPxSMAP livejournal community and Johnny's Entertainment Fanfiction livejournal community.

The SMAPxSLASH yahoogroup, specifically devoted to SMAP slash, was active from 2007-2008, and still contains some fanworks not reposted elsewhere. It was superceded by the SMAPxSLASH LJ community.

There is also the more recently-created SMAP fanfic livejournal community.


Nakai/Kimura (also known as "2tops") is the most popular pairing, with Kimura/Goro second (based on the tag cloud at the SMAPxSLASH LJ community), though all pairings between members have been written as well as many threesome and orgy fics. Crossover slash often involves other members of Johnny's Entertainment bands. Het is occasionally seen, often involving co-stars or real life partners (Kimura/Shizuka).