Dark Harry (One Direction trope)

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Synonyms: Dark!Harry, Asshole!Harry
Related: Cupcake Harry
See Also: Harry Styles, Larry Stylinson
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Dark Harry in One Direction refers to characterization of Harry Styles as having a dark side, in contrast with his respectful, cheerful, charming public persona.

The trope occurs mostly in Larry Stylinson fanworks, as well as in het self-inserts.

See AO3 tags and sort by fandom: Dark Harry (83 uses as of Sept 3, 2015) and Asshole Harry (46 uses as of Sept 3, 2015).

See also dark harry Tumblr tag.

Note that some thoughtful and well-written explorations of Harry's darker side exist; however they tend not to be tagged with "Dark Harry" as the term has come to be associated with OOC-ness or badfic.


Ironic Use

The term is also used ironically by some fans to underline other fans' eagerness in seeing Harry's dark side, or the OOC-ness of the trope:

What's dark Harry?

(MAJOR trigger warning for rapey-ness/dubcon/noncon)


That’s fanfic dark!Harry. Dark Harry on camera messes up a room by knocking a couple water bottles over.[2]

Harry: I roll and I roll til I'm out of luck


Harry Styles, lothario and womanizer extraordinaire, the darkest of them all. Hide your kids, hide your wife![4]


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Okay, i love dark harry, i do, but when you describe the main character as submissive, scared and nervous and unwilling to harry, that the main character does everything harry says and stays because he’s /special/, then i get REALLY uncomfortable. Because girls out there will think that it is romantic, but it isnt, its fucked up[5]


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