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Name: Anna Todd
Alias(es): imaginator1D
Type: fan writer, author
Fandoms: One Direction
URL: Twitter
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Anna Todd is the writer of After, a One Direction fanfiction.

After was an extremely popular Harry Styles/OFC Dark Harry work. It was serialized on the online writing site Wattpad and posted under the name imaginator1D. Until April 2019, was still Todd's Twitter username.

In 2014, The Washington Post reported that After would be published professionally[1] in what was described as a "mid-six-figure" book deal with Simon & Schuster for the publishing rights. Todd was 25 years old.[2]Todd Filed Off The Serial Numbers, changing Harry Styles's name to "Hardin Scott." A film adaptation of the book was released in April 2019.

Further Reading

Todd, the “After” author, has said she spends half her day writing and half her day interacting with fans; her most popular piece on Wattpad, after the “After” trilogy, is a 10-part interview in which she answered reader questions. (Sample inquiries: Where in Texas do you live? What’s your favorite nail polish color? Are you a Directioner?) She has more than 273,000 followers on Instagram, and 182,000 on Twitter. On both platforms, Todd frequently reposts fan art and comments from her readers. Maybe that seems like so much adolescent drivel, but it represents a serious shift in the role of the writer — traditionally a remote, solitary artist with little time or attention for fans. On Wattpad, at least, writing becomes more social. More collaborative. More “of the Internet,” essentially, with all the egalitarian values that entails. To quote the publishing consultant Charles Melcher, “now that everyone’s been given permission to be creative, new ways of telling stories … are being invented.”

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