The Curse Workers

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Name: The Curse Workers
Creator: Holly Black
Date(s): 2008-2010
Medium: books
Country of Origin:
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The Curse Workers is a series of YA books by Holly Black, including White Cat, Red Glove, and Black Heart. In a world where magic - called cursing or working - is illegal, Cassel Sharpe is on the edge of the mob elite, and hopelessly in love with the head of one of the crime family's only daughter.


The fandom is small, and has in the past been a Yuletide fandom.

The most significant impact of this fandom is that it is an ideal world to be adopted for crossovers and fusion AUs. As the main premise is fairly simple, it does not generally require much knowledge of canon to be read by those unfamiliar with it, and that is one of the main draws for people writing it. The tag for Curse Worker Fusion AUs is now a canonical tag on AO3.


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