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Title: Bubblegum Magazine
Publisher: V. Arrow as Hayley
Editor(s): V. Arrow as Hayley
Type: Digital zine & web archive
Date(s): 2002-2005
Medium: official website (dead link)
Fandom: Teenipop, Bubblegum Pop
Language: English
External Links: official website (dead link)
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Bubblegum Magazine was an online zine, news repository, and meta archive for the teenipop fandomsphere from 2002 to 2005. It featured daily news updates from 2002 to 2004 and weekly or monthly updates with slowing frequency from 2004 to 2005 as the fandom died down, and also featured fanfiction one-shots about various teenipop acts (often in crossovers), daily graphics and wallpapers, graphics tutorials, a fanfiction writers' roundtable and beta circle, and "adoptables" (digital dolls, blinkies, buttons, and layouts for LiveJournal and Xanga, as well as 100x100 avatars).

Its primary publisher and moderator was V. Arrow under the name Hayley. Frequent contributors included Jesse's Too Phat to Model Underwear aka Jenn, Toast, trousiesgirl, Kimberly Kaplan, and zacwhanson. Submissions were open and rolling, and many people submitted both written and graphic works, as well as requests for works and adoptables, to be filled by other contributors.

One unique feature of Bubblegum Magazine was its layout structure: on the splash page, visitors could choose from 25 different layout styles, each featuring a different teenipop act or celebrity, with which to view the zine/site archive. After 2005, the domain was closed and some content moved to LiveJournal for a brief time before closing altogether.


  • News
  • Website Updates
  • Wallpapers
  • 100x100 avatars
  • Dollmaker
  • Adoptables
    • Digital dolls
    • Blinkies
    • IAMAFAN buttons
  • CD & song reviews
  • TV show recaps & reviews
  • Movie recaps & reviews
  • Xanga layouts
  • LiveJournal layouts
  • Graphics tutorials
  • Fanfiction one-shots
  • Fanfiction reviews
  • Fanfiction help desk
  • "Bubble Entendres," a joke/humor section featuring a "Caption This!" contest monthly

Included Fandoms/Associated Acts