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Pairing: Poe Dameron/Rey
Alternative name(s): Damerey, Jedipilot
Gender category: Het
Fandom: Star Wars
Canonical?: No
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Poe Dameron/Rey is the het pairing of Poe Dameron and Rey in the Star Wars fandom. While relatively uncommon in comparison to other sequel trilogy pairings, this pairing is surprisingly popular given that the two characters have extremely limited screentime together, and fans shipped them for years before they finally met in canon.


Rey and Poe do not encounter one each other in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, though they indirectly interact through their relationships with Fin and BB-8. In the TFA novelization, Poe Dameron and Rey shared a hug after victory was assured. While this novelization is technically canon, these two appeared to have their first meeting at the end of Star Wars: The Last Jedi following the Battle of Crait. In their brief encounter aboard the Millennium Falcon, Poe introduces himself to Rey, and when Rey returns the favor, Poe says "I know," implying Rey's reputation has preceded her.

They did not have substantial interaction in canon until the release of The Rise of Skywalker. In this installment, Poe and Rey's bickering interactions and their canon co-parenting of BB-8 inspired shippers.


Though Rey and Poe do not directly meet in the film version of The Force Awakens, fans did not let the characters' lack of interaction interfere with shipping prior to release of The Last Jedi.

The chemistry between Daisy [Ridley] and Oscar [Isaac] is AMAZING. Anyone can see that. And directors typically don’t waste good chemistry. (That is NOT evidence for DameRey, but it doesn’t hurt, either.) [1]

What intrigues me the most about Rey and Poe is their parallels, especially given that they had very literally no screentime together (starting with her playfully wearing that rebel helmet, Poe being a rebel pilot, both of them being outstanding pilots, both of them having made it out of being tortured by Kylo Ren with their minds still intact, even how they both care about Finn). This just makes for great storytelling.[2]

poe: i'm poe

rey: i'm rey poe: i know

me: i'm dead[3]

Common Tropes & Storylines

  • First meetings were very popular following the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
  • Threesome ships are common for these two. Finn/Poe/Rey is the most popular, but Poe Dameron/Rey/Kylo Ren also appears.
  • Their relationship sometimes develops through their co-parenting of BB-8. Alternately, BB-8 schemes to bring them together.
  • Force-sensitive Poe AU.
  • Parallels with Han/Leia.
  • Post-TROS fics often involve Poe visiting Rey on Tatooine or Rey and Poe visiting the Force tree at Poe's childhood home on Yavin IV.
  • TROS fix-it fics are extremely common.
  • PTSD or trauma recovery, either during or post-canon.
  • Poe and Rey bond over flying, usually X-wings or the Millennium Falcon.
  • Some or all elements from Colin Trevorrow's Duel of the Fates, an unfilmed version of Episode IX that features the pairing.
  • Fanvids get around the lack of canon interactions through creative use of footage, manip, and same-actor fusion AUs featuring other works from Daisey Ridley and Oscar Isaac's filmographies.



Fanart of Poe reaching out to Rey before she uses the Force to send him back to the Resistance in a storyline based on Duel of the Fates, by brightboisterousbananas.
Fanart of Poe reaching out to Rey before she uses the Force to send him back to the Resistance, by brightboisterousbananas.




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