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Moresome · Ship · Pairing
Relationship: Poe Dameron/Finn/Rey
Alternative name(s): JediStormPilot, Sisterhood of the Traveling Jacket
Gender category: m/m/f Moresome
Fandom: Star Wars
Canonical?: Non-canon
Prevalence: low to medium by this fandom's standards[1]
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Poe Dameron/Finn/Rey is a poly relationship between the three new protagonists of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The ship appeared in fandom immediately after opening night.[2]

Not to be confused with Poe Dameron/Finn works where Rey is present but not directly part of the relationship or gen works involving the three.



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Info on fandom after TLJ and TROS


Early fanworks depict the relationship as extremely sweet and supportive with sad backstories for both Finn and Rey, strongly in line with canon characterizations.

Art and Story Tropes

  • Poe's Jacket - Poe's jacket is frequently mentioned, including the damage to it at the end of the movie. A number of fanworks feature the trio sharing the jacket, as in the art jacket-sharing-squad.jpg by tohuwabohus, Keep it, it suits you. by gil-estel, and keep the jacket by leafpuppy. There are also fics where the jacket plays a significant role, as in Jacket, Droid, Lightsaber by imaginary_golux (where it's a soulmark) and Cold Hands Warm Heart by Hankenstein (where Rey struggles to adapt to the weather on D'Qar). It also appears in the short meta okay but let’s think about how natural it is for the trio to pass the jacket around by arrafrost. In some works, Poe shares more clothes with Finn and Rey because they don't have any of their own, as in we wore the jacket for the longest time by pearwaldorf and things to keep you warm and dry by wordslinging.
    • As notkatniss explained, "i literally cannot believe finn was wearing poes jacket most of the film and then poe tells him to ‘keep it it looks better on him’ and then by the near end of the film the jacket ends up on rey. this is truly what ot3′s are made of"[3]
  • Inexperience - Because of how Rey and Finn grew up, they are often portrayed as having little or no sexual or relationship experience. They often ask Poe to teach them (sometimes as a ruse to get him involved), or he takes it upon himself after a relationship has already started. (Examples include minimum waste and maximum joy by sabinelagrande, dry run by theonlytwin, and The Right Moment by HexMeridian.) Sometimes the trope is inverted by having Finn and Rey practice in advance with each other, so they're not completely inexperienced when they add Poe to their relationship.
  • Unworldly Finn and Rey - Similar to the above trope, these two typically lack an understanding of how the world outside their narrow lives works. Rey is typically surprised by the profligate use of water, new foods, and many customs. Finn is typically surprised by everything. Typically, neither of them understands relationships. Poe often takes on the role of introducing them to new things and tries not to be heartbroken at how much they've missed out on in their lives.
  • Vigil - By Finn's bedside, of course. This is a common starting point for fic and occasionally appears in art. Usually Poe and Rey share the task and thus bond, but sometimes Poe sits alone while Rey goes on her quest. withbloodstainedclothingon explains the general outline in the short meta Star Wars Shipping Headcanons.
  • Sleeping Together - Platonically or not. This is a popular trope in art, as in kveykur's saving the galaxy is exhausting work :/, maltair's jedistormpilot taking a nap while waiting for ep 8 :’O, and togrutan's i mean… they all shared a jacket so…. It also appears in fic, where it's usually part of the healing process (physically or psychologically).
  • Names - Because of both Rey and Finn lacking surnames, some works posit Finn adopts Dameron as his name, not realizing the social implications, and Rey decides she likes that and does the same. Of course, this typically happens before they're actually in a formalized relationship with Poe, so it either amuses or mortifies him. Sometimes Rey turns out to be a Skywalker, so she in turn gifts the other two with that name, and they all become Skywalker-Damerons. The meta trying to find that one post where y’all speculate about Finn realizing he needs to provide a surname by broadlybrazen was the inspiration for many fics using this trope, such as meet the damerons by Trillion_Astra.
  • Post-Canon - The vast majority of works for this ship are set either after the final battle or after the movie as a whole. Some works cover both periods. This is probably because Poe and Rey have not yet met when the movie ends.
  • Holding Hands - Echoing the hand-holding theme in the movie between Rey and Finn, works about the trio, especially fics, often focus on holdings hands. This is encourages by the vigil trope in particular, but it occurs in other works as well.

Character Tropes

  • Jessika Pava - Usually laughing at Poe. Sometimes helpful to Rey... while laughing at Poe.
  • Leia Organa - Whisking around telling people to do things for their own good. Poe says "yes sir" a lot. Rey gains a female role model.
  • Luke Skywalker - Usually around as Rey's teacher. Typically backgrounded but not always.






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