Bellamy Blake

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Name: Bellamy Blake
Occupation: leader of the 100
previously: janitor, training for the Guard
Relationships: Aurora Blake (mother), Octavia Blake (sister)
Fandom: The 100
Other: Portrayed by Bob Morley
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Bellamy Blake was a main character in The 100 series.


Bellamy Blake had stolen away in the drop-ship in order to be with his sister, Octavia. He forms a community with the rest of the 100 and becomes the leader of the group. Eventually, he and Clarke Griffin lead the group together.

He is very protective of his sister, and loves her very much. Having been trained by the Ark's Guard, Bellamy is the most trained individual of the 100. He's shown to have knowledge of Earth's history, including Augustus and Oppenheimer.


Common Tropes & Themes

  • Bellamy leading the 100. He is often called the "King", compared to Clarke Griffin's "Princess" nickname in the fandom. He was referred to as the King by John Murphy in an episode of S1.
  • Alternate Universes:
    • In Modern AU (Present time): Bellamy is often shown working as a guard or cop or something in military. Other AUs show him as a professor or teacher.
    • In Historical AU (Medieval/Victorian/Edwardian/etc): often show him as lower class or in a guard or as a knight, similar to the roles he portrays in canon and modern AUs.
    • In some Canon Divergence related works, Bellamy and his sister, Octavia are often Grounders
  • Dad!Bellamy: focusing on Bellamy being a older brother or father figure to other members of The 100
  • Bellamy being bisexual is fairly common in fanworks that are in Modern AUs, and often appears along with and may be inspired by Clarke's canon status, despite the fact that canon does not support that he is, in canon Bellamy has only had relationships with women.
  • Fix-it / Bellamy Lives - Most canon AUs written after Bellamy's death are fix-it fics.


The most popular ship for Bellamy is Bellamy/Clarke (Bellarke). The pairings of Bellamy Blake/Echo and Bellamy Blake/Raven Reyes are canon but not as popular. His other canon relationship with Gina is a rarepair. Bellamy Blake/John Murphy is a common slash pairing. All other pairings for Bellamy are rare such as Bellamy Blake/Octavia Blake, Bellamy Blake/Finn Collins, Bellamy Blake/Nathan Miller, Bellamy Blake/Roma, and Bellamy Blake/Zoe Monroe.

The threesomes for Bellamy are fairly rare but do exist: Bellamy/Clarke/Finn, Bellamy/Clarke/Murphy, Bellamy/Raven/Jasper, Bellamy/Clarke/Raven, Bellamy/Clarke/Miller, and Bellamy/Clarke/Lexa.







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