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Pairing: Bellamy Blake/Octavia Blake
Alternative name(s): Blakecest, Belltavia
Gender category: Het, Incest
Fandom: The 100
Canonical?: No
Prevalence: Rare
Other: See also: Bellamy & Octavia for gen relationship.
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Bellamy/Octavia, also known as Blakecest, is a het and incestuous pairing of Bellamy Blake and Octavia Blake from The 100 fandom.

You know the first thing that made me think about blakecest was the fact that Octavia clearly knew how to kiss when she got to earth but she has always been locked up sooooooo

anon ask[1]


The pair are siblings, maybe half-siblings since their mother, Aurora Blake, was a single mom, and there's never any mention of a father in the picture for either of them. Due to the Ark's one-child possibility, Octavia's existence was kept secret. Aurora gave birth to Octavia in their family's quarters, with only 7-year-old Bellamy in attendance. She told him to name her, and since he'd just learned about the Roman emperor Augustus, and named his sister after the emperor's sister, Octavia.

Your sister, your responsibility.

Aurora on the day of Octavia's birth, 1x06

Octavia had to be kept hidden in their room, never venturing out. Bellamy would tell her stories and play with her, telling her about the Ark. Their mother would also read them mythology, which they loved.


The pairing of Bellamy/Octavia is fairly rare pairing in The 100 fandom, but is cherished by its fans. The pairing is mainly found on Tumblr and Archive of Our Own.

Popular tropes

  • Greek Mythology: Allusions and references, since both are mythology nerds.


  • Incest: The ship is subject to same general controversy that all incestuous ships are.


Fan Art


blood runs fast [1] archive by perfectlystillDate: Sep 25, 2014Length: 3kStatus: CompleteGenre: Pastfic
A quilted painting of the Blake kids on the Ark.
Pretty Mouth [2] archive by marmolitaDate: Jan 23, 2015Length: 3kStatus: CompleteGenre: Pastfic
A dark dub-con sex worker fic: Aurora wasn't the only person in the Blake family who could resort to prostitution in order to protect and provide for Octavia.
More, Please [3] archive by the_100_sin_bin_1985Date: Mar 21, 2017Length: 7kStatus: CompleteGenre: Pastfic
The most popular iteration of the common idea, "Who else is going to teach Octavia about sex if Bellamy doesn't?" Also has a phenomenal (if eviscerating) squeal, The Demons Down Under the Sea, Archived version

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