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Synonyms: Psychic abilities, special abilities, supernatural powers
Related: Psychics, Vampire, Witch, Werewolf, Superheroes, Magic, mutant, Metahuman, Paranormal, Supernatural
See Also: Psychic Bond, Phony Psychic, Psychic Radar, Psychic Children, Psychic Nosebleed
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Psychics Powers are often used in stories in fandoms containing canon psychics powers (such as That's So Raven or Harry Potter) or in fandoms with other supernatural elements. They can also appear in stories for canon sources lacking psychics or supernatural elements in general (such as Sherlock BBC). Psychics powers appear regularly in fantasy fictional fandoms.

Psychic powers are considered to be an extra normal senses through extrasensory perception (ESP)[1] which is also known as the Sixth Sense.

List of Common Psychic Powers

Some powers that are often included in characters that are considered psychics are:

See Wikipedia's List of Psychic Abilities for more examples.


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