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Title: Walls and Roads
Author(s): Sheryl and Laurie
Date(s): 1997?
Length: 54 chapters
Genre: angst, darkfic, whump
Fandom: Hanson
External Links: http://www.giftedones.net/walls-by-sheryl/, hansonblues.com/story/sheryl/walls.htm and mooshkabug.com/story/sheryl/walls.htm
http://www.giftedones.net/roads-by-sheryl, hansonblues.com/story/sheryl/roadsindex.htm and mooshkabug.com/story/sheryl/roads/roadsindex.htm

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Walls and Roads are Hanson fanfics by Sheryl and Laurie, written in the early days of the fandom and originally hosted by Tania at Boy Band Blues Fiction. The stories deal with drug abuse, child abuse, depression and the price of fame. The authors provided the following disclaimer/warning:

Before any of you read this, we want to make sure you realize that, to the best of our knowledge, this is all total fiction. No one in Hanson has done, is doing, or will be doing (we hope), any of the things you will find in this story. We also would like to take a moment to explain the nature of what you’re about to read. When the topic of this story was suggested to me, I really didn’t want to do it, with Hanson as the main characters. It seemed too dark a road to take them down. However, the more I thought about it, the more comfortable I became with the idea. They are popular, apealing, and easy to relate to. Collectively, we also felt that the story would have more impact if we used them. We are in no way suggesting that this is the way we think they will be going.

Next a very important note. The subject matter in this story is extremely adult in many places, and very harsh. If an R rated movie would make you uncomfortable, you may not want to read this.

This story was collectively written by two people, with a lot of input from many many others. We hope that even if you don’t like it, it will at least make you think. And if the guys in Hanson should ever happen to stumble upon it, we hope it makes them think too…[1]


The first story, Walls is only ten chapters long. It jumps back and forth in time as Taylor attempts to understand why he's woken up in a hospital bed, and shows his quick descent into drug abuse.


The second story, Roads is 44 chapters long and begins almost immediately after the end of Walls. In it, Taylor's family attempt to cope with what has happened to the band while struggled to come to terms with the reason why he turned to drugs.

Reactions and Reviews

The chapters skip around quickly from present to past, with the past sections slowly catching up to the present. It almost feels like you’re racing the story, trying to stay just one step ahead—or one step behind, dreading the inevitable, even though only bits and pieces of what really happened are being revealed at a time. Eventually, it catches up and the opening of the story is repeated again, with the reader now understanding what brought Taylor to that point.[2]

I’m always particularly impressed by stories where the characters are often wrong and sometimes completely unlikable, but still relatable. That’s an amazing thing to read—to see everything going wrong and falling apart, and feeling your heart ache because you want to fix it for them. From the very first chapter, this is how I felt about Roads, and as it went on, my love and sympathy for the characters only grew.[3]
“Walls” was the one that got me hooked. It was the first story I read, and wow, it was a doozy. Technically, it’s two stories, but in my mind, they’re just one wonderfully complex storyline. “Roads” pretty much takes up exactly where “Walls” left off. One’s simple, one’s not—go for it! This set the standard for angsty Hanfics and it still stands at the top of the list for me.[4]

One thing that angsty fics like this tend to do is have lots and lots of crying. This gets on my nerves, usually. I feel like there should be some other, subtler way of getting the point across, besides just showing your characters bawling their eyes out continuously. I didn't feel that way here - I was bawling right along with them. And it's not really continuous - there's a lot of tears, make no mistake, but it's spaced out in all the right places. There's a slow burn in the earlier pieces of the plotline that make the barrage of tears later on make perfect sense.[5]
Eventually, I got on the internet and started checking out Hanson sites. Well, as so many of us obviously did, I came upon Hanfic. And not just any old Hanfic, the first one I came across was "Walls". A classic.

Perhaps if the first one I'd found had been the girl meets Hanson, becomes their girlfriend, etc. etc. (and that is not to put down those stories, only to say that there are so many of them with that basic storyline) that, at my age, that probably wouldn't have kept my interest for very long. But, because it was a thought provoking, out of the ordinary, realistically written story, it made me search out more.[6]

Arguably the best Hanson Fan Fiction ever written, it attacks every taboo subject of the three boys' lives. If you don't read this, then you don't know Hanfic.

The sequel to Sheryl's Walls, and no less spectacular. Not reccommended unless read after the original. Awakening in the aftermath, will Taylor and the Hansons ever be the same?[7]

WOW! i found it! do you know how long I have been searching for this story???Months! and then I found it again! OK , well this is possibly THE best Hanson story I have read. I even printed it out, heck it made me bawl. OK well, its very very well written, i think it might even be written by a professional writer. It does contain adult themes... so maybe not to suitable for younger readers. Everyone can learn a lesson from this story, even Hanson, i hope they read it someday... defiantely a recommended read.[8]

scary story about Taylor on drugs. He beats up Zac. You will cry.[9]
Excellent story! Go check it out now![10]

This was the first mature hanfanfic I ever read and it remains a favourite. The first to not portray Hanson as infallible angels. Very thought provoking.[11]
The best story so far (that we've read)

This story is very very kewl and it's possibly the best on the net about Hanson. But you have to remember that..... THEY DIDN'T DO THIS!!!

Anyway, this story is pretty damn cool. It's the sequel to "Walls", so it pretty much just answers questions that were left unanswered in "Walls", like, 'what the hell happened to poor Tay and his even poorer family?!?!' You'll like it, but read "Walls" first, k? Otherwise you'll be mighty confused...[12]

Who hasn't been informed by eager friends about the drama and tears of 'Walls' (by Sheryl and Laurie), the hilarity of 'For What It's Worth' (by Kristen) or the realistic, but still heart-warming action of 'Zac Says Tay Still Wets The Bed' (by Nick)?[13]
Again, you must be in a non- taking- offense- at- making- fun- of- Hanson mood to read this story at any time. It portrays Hanson (especially Taylor) as a sex hungry druggie. If this were to happen, I think this story accurately portrays how it might. This story is a must read and if you're the type of fan that gets offended easily, pretend that it is three blond brothers who just happen to have the last name Hanson, but are not the group.[14]

Eventually, I got on the internet and started checking out Hanson sites. Well, as so many of us obviously did, I came upon Hanfic. And not just any old Hanfic, the first one I came across was "Walls". A classic.[15]

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Walls was story of the week at Hanson Story Links. Walls/Roads won awards in the Hanfic Awards, Hanson Fan Fiction Awards, Hanson Story Awards, Literary Hanfic Awards, Really Big Hanson Fanfic Awards and TP Hanfic Awards. The stories were nominated for Hanspirational Fan Fiction Awards. These stories are also featured in the PlaceToHide.net and Various Artists halls of fame, as well as the Hanson Story Database top 50.


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