Substance Abuse

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Synonyms: Drug Addiction, Alcoholism
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Substance abuse and alcoholism are popular tropes in fanworks. Fanfiction often addresses the addicted character's struggle to come to terms with their addiction with the help of another character. Sometimes the second character becomes a romantic partner (and it can be a way of getting canonically unlikely pairings together), but plenty of gen friendship stories exist. Stories sometimes feature Alcoholics Anonymous or similar organisations and the sponsor system.

In Canon

Numerous popular canons feature recreational drug use or alcoholism.

  • Greg House of House, MD is addicted to painkillers; this theme is important in much fanfiction for the show
  • In Quantum Leap, Al is a recovering alcoholic
  • Sherlock Holmes uses cocaine in Arthur Conan Doyle canon; Sherlock in the BBC version uses nicotine patches and marijuana. Drug habits turn up regularly in fanfiction
  • In the Starsky and Hutch episode "The Fix", Hutch is forcibly addicted to heroin
  • In ST: DS9, the Cardassian military officer Damar is an alcoholic

Example Fanworks

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