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This article is about the Star Trek character. For the fantasy book series, see Damar Series.

Name: Damar
Occupation: Cardassian soldier, Leader of Cardassia, freedom fighter
Relationships: unnamed wife (deceased), unnamed son (deceased), Gul Dukat (superior officer (for a while)), Elim Garak (reluctant ally), Mila (reluctant ally), Kira Nerys (reluctant ally), Odo (reluctant ally), Weyoun (Dominion watchdog and nemesis)
Fandom: Star Trek, ST: DS9
Other: Damar at Memory Alpha, Corat Damar at Wikipedia
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Legate Damar by GrayscaleArt (2014)

Damar is a reoccurring supporting character in the television series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the second spin-off of the Star Trek franchise.

Played by actor Casey Biggs,[1] the Cardassian military officer made his debut in the episode Return to Grace (DS9, Episode 4x14) and appeared in 23 episodes.


Fanon and Themes



  • Damar/Kira Nerys
  • Damar/Tora Ziyal


Example Fanworks


Date Title Author Genre Summary
1997 Cardassian Hostage Mary Knasinski and Christine Collins Moresome This story is a "what if?" story - what if Garak had been forced to remain behind on DS9 when Dukat and the Dominion took over, at the end of the fifth-season episode "Call to Arms"?
1998 Nightwatch, Archived version Christine Collins M/M Alternative Dukat/Damar story. When Damar is injured in a skirmish with the Klingons, Dukat keeps vigil at his bedside. Set immediately after 'Return To Grace'.
1999 Another World Christine Collins M/F Gul Damar receives a very exotic 'gift'
2000 Admiring Fools Part 1 Victoria Meredith Trapped in the mirror universe, Kira has to protect Damar from a bloodthirsty Dukat by any means necessary
2000 Admiring Fools Part 2: Bridges Victoria Meredith In the moments between death and resurrection, Kira and Damar contemplate what went wrong and what could have been
2001 Admiring Fools 3: That Was Then; This Is Now Victoria Meredith M/F With the Cardassian Revolution under way, Kira and Garak are kept busy training resistance cells and spreading propaganda, while Damar deals poorly with his frustration and loneliness from hiding in the cellar as the events unfold without him
2000 In The Aftermath, Archived version Victoria Meredith Gen Damar learns how his rebellion has effected the people of Deep Space Nine and comes to terms with being one of the heroes.

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  1. ^ Biggs also appeared as the psychiatrist Doctor Wycoff in Shadows and Symbols (DS9, Episode 7x02) and had a cameo as an unnamed holosuite character in the series finale What You Leave Behind (DS9, Episode 7x25). The actor made a brief return to the Star Trek franchise in Damage (ENT, Episode 3x19), where he portrayed an unnamed Illyrian captain. He was interviewed by Denise Crosby for the documentary Trekkies 2 (2004).