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Synonyms: Paranormal Fiction, Paranormal Romance
See also: Story Tropes, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Supernatural
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Paranormal is a genre of fiction whose storylines revolve around the paranormal[1] events that are phenomena described in popular culture, folklore, and other non-scientific bodies of knowledge, whose existence within these contexts is described to lie beyond normal experience or scientific explanation for example ghosts, extraterrestrial life, unidentified flying objects, psychic abilities or extrasensory perception, and cryptids[2]. Subgenres of Paranormal fiction include Paranormal Romance and Young Adult Paranormal.

Common alternate universes in various fandoms feature the paranormal, for example people are Paranormal Investigators and giving people psychic abilities.

List of Paranormal Fandoms

This list is for fandoms that focus on the Paranormal. Note: What constitutes inclusion on this list may vary among fans.



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