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Art Roleplay Game
ARPG Name: Folklorian World
Species Name: Originally Foxlore. Now Folklore, Folkit, Folkgon, and sub-groups
Website Hosted On: DeviantART
Dates: Dec 3, 2017 - present
Founder(s): DrawinglyWillingly
Staff: UFOKitten, Nemaroony, Broze-Coffee, and ChartingtheAbscendant
Country Based In: Global
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Folklorian World is the art roleplay game (ARPG) for the original species Folklore, which used to go by Foxlore. It is hosted on DeviantART. Folklore are a closed species, however the group runs occasional make your own events. Otherwise most of the species appear to be obtained with money. A variation of the species is the Folkgon, which are free to make if you already have at least one Folklore. In private conversations, the species is called a "business" and the community as "clientele." As of February 14, 2020, Folklorian World has 630 members.


Folklorian World was opened by DrawinglyWillingly on December 3, 2017, well after the initial original species boom between 2011-2012. However, the oldest journal entry is from Dec 19, 2018, implying the group was either not accepting members til around this time or older journals have since been deleted.
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After several months of internal drama the four members of the Folklorian World staff sent an email to Drawingly calling for her resignation, or else they would all quit. Drawingly's response was to agree, however she refused to hand off the species unless the mods paid money for it.[1] Her species was sold to its co-owners and Folklore is now owned by four users on DA: UFOKitten, Nemaroony, Broze-Coffee, and ChartingtheAbscendant. As if February 2020 the group is still listed as in "overhaul."

At some point DrawinglyWillingly wanted to work on a website for Folklorian World, based off the information in her Patreon.[2] Her Patreon, which is still up, offered Folklore rewards based on tiers. $3 donors would get nothing, $5 donors would get a monthly headshot, $10 donors would get a monthly sketch and a MYO pet ticket, $40 donors a monthly bust, a MYO pet ticket, and a monthly custom design, and $60 donors would get a monthly fullbody, a MYO pet ticket, and a monthly custom. The Patreon had a goal of $500, after which DrawinglyWillingly would make a batch of 10 Folklore for patrons. Though this Folklore-based Patreon remains up, and may still be subscribed to, it currently has no patrons. One should also note that at this period in time Drawingly no longer owns the species.

Folklorian World contains an FAQ where questions are presented as comment threads. A single featured comment per subject allows players to ask questions and receive answers on it.[3] Users who have questions are thus required to pick through long comment chains to find answers to questions.


DrawinglyWillingly has an extensive PSA on the service review category of Toyhouse. She has been accused of making a habit of lying, selling the same design to two people at once, opening new commissions while having a back log of unfinished ones, and staging the hacking of Folklorian World. Her actions resulted in many, many people in her species' group (including co-owners) opting to remove her.[4] DrawinglyWillingly claims she plans to delete her DeviantART and Toyhouse accounts, meaning links to her work may eventually become broken. In a Dec journal, in which DrawinglyWillingly is announced to have been kicked out, the "Folklorian Four" (the new owners) describe the group as having gone through some "dark times."[5]

One confirmed accusation was on the suspicion that Drawningly had lied about the death of her husband, which is noted on the PSA.[6] Her motivation for lying about his death is unclear as she does not give an answer when prompted. However, she then goes onto to blame the group's hacking on him. At this point in time her mods, after having worked with her for so long, appear to not believe anything she says. This is a month before they bought the species from her and she was removed.[7] Her husband, whether he was real or not, allegedly played a part in the supposed hacking of the group.

Though the creator caused the species to have its name rather tarnished, since she has been removed the four species co-owners hope to revamp the species and group.

Group Hacking

On November 23, 2019, Folklorian World was supposedly hacked. During this hacking the group's icon was changed to white letters on black that said "IM A CUNT. I SCAM PEOPLE ALWAYS! AHAHAH" and the group's tagline was changed to "A group of fags."[8] A few journals and artworks had been deleted as well.

Due to the nature of DrawinglyWillingly's long PSA many people had their doubts about who actually defaced the group. The suggested motivation for this staged hacking was so that DrawinglyWillingly, who had a very long overdue to-do list that she was avoiding, could claim the to-do list had been deleted and further delay her owed commissions.[4] Folklore designs that had also had controversy around them had been deleted as well. After the hacking DrawinglyWillingly had her account returned to her after an hour and claimed the hacker's IP address was from Romania. At first she seemed to be trying to imply a former mod had done it, but then later Drawingly blames the hacking on the husband who she previously claimed was dead.

The Species

Folklore are bipedal, fox-like creatures and come in four different types: Folkit (small), Folklore (medium), Berserker (large), and Fairy (small and flying). They can speak, write, and wear clothing. The species is capable of magic.[9] A fifth edition to the Folklore species is the Folkgons, which are normal foxes that can speak, wear clothes, and do magic. They have a gemstone and can float. All Folklore can have different "mutations," which are specific to where the Folklore lives.[10] The Foklore masterlist can be viewed here. As of February 14, 2020, it has 954 designs. Designs can be re-designed as of Mar 18, 2020.[11]

Folklore, as a closed species, is sold for real currency. Prices can range from $45 [12] to $80[13] for flatsales. For Make Your Owns, the prices depend upon the "mutations" added. This can range from $30 for one mutation to $80 for unlimited mutations. To add a pet it is an extra $10, to change the body type it is $15, and to add a companion it is $25.[14]

In November 2019, one month before DrawinglyWillingly was kicked out, UFOKitten was hired on to help with group overhaul. They stated that the species as a whole was to be revamped.[15] Starting Mar 18, 2020, the staff have begun posting updated information on the species and ARPG, proving that they are still interested in re-creating the species.[16]


Folklore live on the world of Gemtha. There are five major cities on the planet that players can choose from: Okoku Village, Copper Town, Djeserit Oasis, Endor / Winter Town, and Rook city. There is a single, short lore journal describing each city, its culture, its politics, and its weather.[17] This lore appears to have only been added in 2019, two years after the ARPGs original creation, though the instance of its map being created in 2018 insinuates that the journal either came late or had been deleted and re-written. There is very little Folklore lore outside of the map and its cities, making the species name somewhat ironic. However, as of December 18, 2019, the staff have stated they intend to add new lore to the game.[5]

Currency and Items

Bookmarks are the main currency of Folklore. There appear to be at least three other types of currency: love tokens, spooky candy, and the folk cookie. There are no journals explaining the usage of these currencies, but a peek at the breeding journal makes it clear that bookmarks are a currency that can be exchanged for the ability to get more characters.[18] Currency also cannot be traded or gifted.

Berries, dyes, potions, and various items are also obtainable, through roleplay or art creation. There is also mention of "achievements" in the featured comments of the User Track journal, but this currency/item type does not appear anywhere else.[19] There is some use with items, even if currency has little value. Folklorian Worlds includes a secondary account called FolkloreItems where all items are uploaded in the gallery. Item descriptions very rarely display the worth of the item, implying that the game's currency is not actually used to buy items. However, some have a "re-sell value," meaning if the player obtains the item they can sell it for bookmarks.[20]


Players may put their Folklore characters through certain activities to gain currency and items. This is mostly achieved through short writings or art creation. There are a few different variations of this mechanic: chapters and quests. Chapters are simply prompts, such as "this is my home," in which players write or draw about their characters home for rewards.[21] Chapter 1 (now retired) could net the player 60 bookmarks, 11 paper, 1 MYO weapon ticket, 1 continental berry, and 1 introduction scroll.[22] As of February 2020 quests have been all but removed, their journal links are now defunct. Quests and chapters would have functioned relatively the same.

While characters have EXP and can level up, there does not appear to be any obvious use for it at the moment, as there are no easily accessible journals explaining this mechanic.

Folklore may own pets, called Corrivals. This species is a mini-species and does not have dedicated ARPGs, and function similar to Petpets on Neopets. Folklore pets have their own account for image uploads, which can be found here.

Player Lore

Though it as an ARPG, it is not a collaborative world building game (CWBG) like Fawnlings or Esks. Folklorian Worlds and the Folklore species have little to no player made lore. There are no kingdom coups, player-made changes to the map or in character community, nor any religious schisms. So while Folklorian Worlds has everything it needs to be a traditional ARPG, it has very little in the way of player made plot change. There are also no folders within the group gallery for roleplay advertisements. Thus, the player roleplay aspect is rather shallow and confined to the pre-made prompts and events by staff members.


The Folklorian community is mostly active on Discord.



I understand the disappointment in the group, and I completely understand if you feel you’ve lost hope with the group. But please, don’t give up on Folklores just yet!DrawninglyWillingly, the original creator
such an amazing idea that Berserker and Fairy forms can be achieved (via items)! It really gives awesome possibilities!! <3CheriPearl
As someone effected by the older drama before the species became folklores (foxlore), I am glad to see it going into the hands of those who care! I hope maybe now I'll find the enjoyment to one day take part in this species without the past constantly lingering over my head.FailedMonster


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