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Name: Allison Argent
Occupation: High school student; Hunter
Relationships: Allison/Scott (past), Allison/Isaac; Chris Argent (father), Victoria Argent (mother), Kate Argent (aunt), Gerard Argent (grandfather), Lydia Martin (best friend)
Fandom: Teen Wolf
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Allison Argent is a main character on the television show Teen Wolf. She is a high school student who comes from a family of Hunters. She is portrayed by actress Crystal Reed.


At the start of the show, Allison has just moved to Beacon Hills, California and started attending Beacon Hills High School. She quickly strikes up a close friendship with Lydia Martin and begins dating Scott McCall. Over time she learns that Scott is a werewolf, that her family kills werewolves, and that her aunt Kate was responsible for the deaths of the Derek Hale's family. After these revelations and under pressure from her family, she breaks up with Scott and begins tentatively dating Isaac Lahey. She dies at the end of season 3b while fighting the Oni, supernatural creatures being controlled by the nogitsune that had possessed Stiles Stilinski.

Allison is an accomplished archer, and is shown to have a particularly close relationship with her father and her aunt Kate. However it is her mother's suicide after being bitten by Derek that leaves her vulnerable to manipulation by her grandfather. Near the end of season 3b she recasts the Argent family motto from "We kill those who hunt us" to "We protect those who cannot protect themselves."


Allison is one of the most popular female characters in the fandom, and after her death even mainstream sites were posting eulogies to her character.[1] However, there was also a section of fandom that viewed her actions as irredeemable, particularly while she was being manipulated by Gerard.[2]


The relationship of Allison/Scott is the most popular canon and most popular het relationship in the fandom, though it is very often a background relationship in works focusing on the fandom OTP of Derek/Stiles. Her next-most popular relationship is the femslash pairing of Allison/Lydia. Rarer pairings and relationships include: Allison/Isaac, Allison/Isaac/Scott, and Allison/Scott/Stiles.


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