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Name: Chris Argent
Occupation: Weapons dealer
Relationships: Victoria Argent (wife), Allison Argent (daughter), Kate Argent (sister), Gerard Argent (father)
Fandom: Teen Wolf
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Chris Argent is a supporting character on the television show Teen Wolf. He is Allison's father; his sister is Kate, his wife is Victoria, and his father is Gerard. He is portrayed by actor J.R. Bourne.


Chris Argent is rarely the focus of fanworks, which one might call surprising as the general consensus in fandom is that he's the Hot!Dad (not to say DILF, as this term has different connotations in Teen Wolf fandom). When he is occasionally shipped with other characters, his most common pairing is with Peter Hale, the second most popular is with Stiles.[1]

In general, his role in fanworks is similar to his role on the show: he is a supportive character, more often than not appearing in the background or in minor scenes.

His identity as a hunter and possibly the most honorable one in his entire family is often the defining characteristic that writers portray.

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  1. ^ As of 28 August 2014, there are 506 works tagged Chris Argent/Peter Hale on the AO3, versus 102 tagged Chris Argent/Stiles Stilinski, 95 tagged Chris Argent/Victoria Argent, 91 tagged Chris Argent/Derek Hale, 89 tagged Chris Argent/Sheriff Stilinski, and less than 50 tagged for each of the other Chris Argent pairings.