you know i'm gonna find a way

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Title: you know i'm gonna find a way
Creator: AerisVideos
Date: Febuary 11, 2015
Format: digital vid
Length: 1:05
Music: Safetysuit "Find A Way"
Genre: het, crossover, Lydia Martin/Barry Allen
Fandom: Teen Wolf/The Flash (CW) crossover
Footage: Teen Wolf, The Flash
URL: you know i'm gonna find a way (YouTube)
you know i'm gonna find a way (Tumblr)

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you know i'm gonna find a way is the first Lydia Martin/Barry Allen crossover pairing vid by AerisVideos.

Vidder's Notes

Probably you know that I'm a multishipper whore when it comes to Lydia, and I've wanted to make a real crossover video with her, with a totally different character on a totally different show, not just with DOB from different movies. It was really fun to make, though at first it was hard to find the right scenes for the manips, but I have some manips left for another videos if you'd like to see more of Barry and Lydia =) I love these two so much as individuals, they're are actual cuties, and together I feel like the dynamic between them would be so damn cute as well. Lydia would be cold, maybe a bit rude and sarcastic, and keeping distance, but Barry would be always kind and sweet to her anyway, and she would warm up to him without noticing =) I think it would be kinda like Lydia and young Peter back in s2.

Reactions and Reviews

As of February 17, 2016: the vid has 10,353 views, 716 likes and 1 dislike.

"THIS IS INSANE! OMG, I'm in love with the music, the scenes, the coloring, THE SHIPP! Oh my, you are such a genious -!!"[1]
"Wtf, you just made me ship them O.o This is freaking cute"[2]
"THIS IS BEAUTIFUL. OMG! i don't even watch the flash but barry fit so much with lydia, they're beautiful I WANT TO CRY. loved every second of it, amazing job hun! LOVED IT SO MUCH <3"[3]
"This is probably the cutest crossover I've ever seen ! Awww there's so many feels :,O You're so talented, what you did here is so gorgeous I adore it ! You made me ship them haha:D ! (even if I ship Lydia with everyone :3)"[4]
"if anyone is interested in watching a lydia martin/barry allen video you should watch this one.. you can almost believe they’re from the same universe."[5]
"I’m not gonna lie but if he did make an appearance in an alternate universe in lydias life, I will still ship them like I do right now. because seriously, they’re adorable."[6]


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