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Name: KouriArashi
Alias(es): Kouri, gingersnapwolves
Type: writer
Fandoms: Yami no Matsuei, Tokyo Babylon, One Piece, Teen Wolf, Avengers, Firefly...
Communities: knkfics - original fiction
URL: AO3 profile

Tumblr Livejournal

older fanfiction Website together with Karasu
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KouriArashi (gingersnapwolves on Tumblr) is a very prolific writer currently (2014) mostly in the Teen Wolf fandom, which she discovered in 2012.

"I used to be more of an anime fangirl - my original fandoms were X/99 and Yami no Matsuei - but lately I’ve been doing more American stuff, particularly Teen Wolf (obvs), Avengers, Castle, Chuck, Dresden Files - I have very broad taste, LOL. Seriously, though, I’ve been in fandom so long that when my then-best-friend-now-girlfriend was telling me about Seishirou/Subaru in X/99, I kept thinking she had her pronouns wrong because…. they couldn’t both be guys, could they? How would that work? =O Then I was introduced to the wonders of slash fanfiction. (Or in the case of X/99, slash canon.)"[1]

Perhaps her best known fic is the ongoing series The Sum of Its Parts (x), an AU in which Stiles becomes the Alpha, has adventures with his ever-expanding pack and is in a platonic relationship with Derek.

She is fine with other people writing fic of her fic.[2]


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