Peter Hale/Stiles Stilinski

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Pairing: Peter Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Alternative name(s): Steter, Peter/Stiles
Gender category: m/m
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Canonical?: non-canon
Prevalence: common
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Peter/Stiles, also known as Steter, is the slash pairing of Peter Hale and Stiles Stilinski in the Teen Wolf fandom.


In the show, Stiles and Peter have a tenuous, untrusting relationship. This stems mainly from the parts Peter played in season one and season two. In season one, Peter isn't truly introduced until the end of the season because he is the "big bad" of the season. Peter was the alpha werewolf that bit Stiles' best friend Scott McCall, which spurred the entire show and all of its drama. During season one, Stiles is briefly kidnapped by Peter, and Peter offers to give Stiles the bite to change him into a werewolf as well claiming, "I like you, Stiles." At the end of season one, Stiles plays a big part in Peter's murder.

During season two, Peter manipulates Lydia Martin from beyond the grave to kidnap his nephew and alpha werewolf Derek Hale to help him return from the dead. This further added to Stiles' distrust because Stiles had a massive crush on Lydia and a tentative alliance with Derek.

During season three, Peter and Stiles spend more time together as the werewolves (and those in the know) brace for the Alpha pack. It is the first three seasons where fans pull a lot of their Headcanons from in regard to this relationship.[1]


Most fans do not see this as a happy or a healthy ship. As uniwerecornwolf on Tumblr explains,
What I like about Steter is the dysfunctional part of it. How Peter can be trusted to try and manipulate Stiles, and Stiles being Stiles, he wouldn’t allow it because he hates Peter and he’s clever enough to give Peter a run for his money. It’s not actually a stretch for me to see the potential for delicious sexual tension in that.[2]
Scatteredmuse echoes that sentiment in his/her Steter manifesto on Tumblr. S/he states that, "it will always be at least a little fucked up. And that’s part of the appeal to me."[3] There's something intriguing about things that are slightly off, and that is definitely the underlying current to this ship.

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