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A kink involving the depiction of sexual activity or tension between a father figure and a (usually) younger character.

A fanwork labeled daddykink may or may not depict actual incest between father/s and offspring; more commonly a character may only symbolically fulfill the role of a male parent, commonly by exerting or symbolizing authority in some way, and/or by typifying an ideal of mature masculinity. Often the character in the role of child is in need of guidance, assurance, love, and/or discipline, which may or may not be provided by the father figure. These father/child roles may be acted out in accordance with a specific script, or they may be wholly unconscious on the part of one or both of the characters. The relationship need not be one of strict dominant/submissive; the characters may sometimes instead adopt a mentor/apprentice or alpha/beta-type partnership, or one or both of the characters' needs and emotions may remain unrequited or unacknowledged.