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Name: Kim Tae-hyung (Korean: 김태형)
Also Known As: V
Occupation: Vocalist
Medium: K-Pop
Works: BTS
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Kim Taehyung, known professionally as V, is a vocalist in the K-Pop group BTS, and is part of the maknae-line (3 youngest members).

He was born Kim Tae-hyung on December 30, 1995 in Daegu, South Korea.


V is quirky and sociable, if a little dense at times. He is known as the social butterfly of the group, being able to befriend just about anyone in no time. V is loud and playful, (and sometimes childish), but Army adores him for his bright personality and off-beat tendencies. Despite not being the youngest member of the group, the other members are often looking after V (particularly Rap Monster, Suga, and Jimin).

In the summer of 2016, V also appeared as a supporting character in the K-Drama Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth.


Fan Works

Fan Fiction

  • A Puppy in a Thornbush- Taehyung has a crush on a senior on campus. Said senior is apparently his roommate's mentor (and boyfriend's friend), what are the odds? So begins his clumsy adventure to win the guy's heart. He probably has to find it first, though. (midnightsunlight)
  • Misericordia- Just when Taehyung finds it in himself to be content with living a mundane, insignificant life in a world populated by humans with amazing abilities, he's dragged into one of the largest brawls in history. With only quirk wielders for allies, and quirk wielders for enemies, Taehyung feels lost in a flurry of power. Teetering between two sides that fight for valuable causes. Taehyung will grapple with his perception of good and bad, and his own moral law, while also learning there's more to people than what seems- as well as himself. (eyes_unclouded)

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