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Pairing: Vmin
Alternative name(s): Kim Taehyung(V)/Park Jimin, Taemin
Gender category: Slash
Fandom: BTS
Archives: Vmin Tag at AO3
Other: Yoonmin, VKook, Namjin, Sugakookie, Yoonseok, Jikook, Taegi, Yoonjin, VHope, Vkookmin, OT7
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V/Jimin, also known as Vmin, is the pairing of Jimin (Park Jimin) and V (Kim Taehyung) of the K-Pop group BTS.



Fanwork Examples

  • Serendipity- "If you get me out of here, I’ll tell you my name,” the stranger purrs. Taehyung can tell he’s trying to pull Taehyung into his rhythm, and Taehyung lets himself be pulled because he has nowhere better to be. He grins. “Something tells me you’d get out of here just fine on your own.” (With a bounty on their heads and an emperor out for blood, Taehyung and Jimin's only choice is to travel deep space with both eyes open. Easy enough, if only their eyes didn’t so often fall on each other.) (kaythebest)
  • HURTS SO GOOD- Taehyung and Jimin been best friends for as long as they can remember. If only they stuck to doing things that best friends were supposed to do, then maybe Jimin wouldn't be feeling this way. They're friends who have the occasional make out session and every once in a while have sex simply cause they both aren't in a relationship. Who needs one when you have your best friend? It was really just a way to pass time. No feelings or anything. It starts to become a normal routine for Jimin and Taehyung and they still manage to remain just friends. But what happens when one of them starts a relationship and it might be serious this time? Jimin is starting to find it impossible to let it all end so suddenly. But what is he supposed to do? His best friend has a boyfriend now. Everything should be fine if Jimin just ends it once and for all, but he can't bring himself to do it. At least not now...and it's all because of one simple thing...he's in love with Kim Taehyung. (tinyheartii)
  • You Again- BTS has changed since they disbanded 5 years ago: Namjoon is getting married; so is Jin. Yoongi is alone as ever. Hoseok has a kid. No one has heard from Jungkook. Taehyung? He's still out there, acting. Meanwhile, Jimin refuses to acknowledge the fact that he's still in love with him. (IGotJams95)
  • that's why you're called the 'ideal' type- 95' liner park jimin is in love with 97' liner jeon jungkook. unfortunately, society says he can only marry a fellow 95' liner. so he ends up with kim taehyung -- that weird kid from 10 years ago. and he's not excited about it. Divorced 93' liner min yoongi still wants to beat society and be with ex-boyfriend 92' liner seokjin. but it looks like jin ended up falling for his government-ordained wife, hani. (IGotJams95)
  • Paint- "He doesn't seem okay," Jimin notes, several long gracefully curling strands falling forward as he cranes his head in front of Taehyung's face to get a better look. "He's fine. He's just a little shaken by your dick," Jin tells him without an ounce of shame, and Taehyung has the presence of mind to cut his eyes sharply in his direction. "Ahhhh," Jimin hums appreciatively, turning back to Taehyung and fluttering his long lashes. "Well that's okay, honey. Lots of people are shaken by my dick. Granted, it's usually inside of them at the time." (AU where supposedlystraightboy!tae falls for a pretty drag queen named Minnie and has a pretty chill questioning of his sexuality) (minverse)
  • Widdershins- One night in mid-spring Taehyung wakes up screaming, which is particularly bad because Seokjin is babysitting, and Seokjin’s brought another kid to look after, and that kid is sleeping at the bottom end of his bed. Or he was sleeping, before Taehyung screamed. (august_d)
  • Reckless Behavior- Taehyung and Jimin are best friends. Jimin disappears when he is tweleve. Fourteen years later Taehyung is a rogue cop with his name on a crime syndicate's dead man list. It just so happens the boss resembles the best friend he thought was dead. (pasteljin)
  • My boy builds coffins- Taehyung meets Jimin again under the most unlikely of circumstances OR Taehyung is a cop and Jimin is his long lost childhood best friend turned criminal. (peachys)
  • you know I can take it more- “You’ve only got three bullets, agent.” Taehyung squares his shoulders. He poises his foot dangerously close to the pedal. “Make them count.” (stoplight)
  • Caught in a Lie- Taehyung's best friend Jiminie went missing when he was twelve years old. Six years later Taehyung is working in New York's most prestigious strip club, LIE, when he meets the owner of the club and his boss, a mob syndicate heir who looks eerily like the best friend he had thought was dead. (KittenSmitten) (mysoulrunswithwolves)

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