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Moresome · Ship · Pairing
Relationship: OT7
Alternative name(s): Everyone/Everyone, Kim Seokjin(Jin)/Min Yoongi(Suga)/Jung Hoseok(J-Hope)/Kim Namjoon(Rap Monster)/Park Jimin/Kim Taehyung(V)/Jeon Jungkook
Gender category: Slash, Polyamory
Fandom: BTS
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OT7 is a pairing name for all 7/multiple members of BTS, within the K-Pop group BTS.



Fanwork Examples


  • I Already Found Happiness: then you came along- Yoongi says it first. “I’m sorry.” Hoseok smiles and shakes his head. “No, I’m sorry. We both-” Hoseok sighs, looking to Tae and Jimin who look like deer in the headlights when Yoongi turns to them too. “We need them.” The words hang in the air and no one can think of anything to say after that. AKA Yoongi and Hoseok are happily dating. So are Taehyung and Jimin. But chemistry is chemistry. (aprofessorstale)
  • Just Hold On- AU where some people are Touched, possessing supernatural mental abilities that are physically straining. The seven, a combination of Touched and Untouched caring for one another, live and travel together in tiny houses. Their relationship faces new challenges as they encounter a mysterious force. (idyllic_hummingbird)
  • Up We Go- “If you’re a witch that works with plants, then why are all of yours dead? That can’t be good for business.” The room dims again, and Jimin lifts a hand to flip off the ceiling. Taehyung knows he’s sad and that’s why the shop darkens and he shouldn’t find it funny—but he can’t help it. Because this is ridiculous. The good kind of ridiculous. The amazing kind. (In which Taehyung has a green thumb, Jimin runs a magical store, and Yoongi can kind of see dead people.) (Oh_Hey_Tae)
  • Unmagical Moonlight- The door closed. Taehyung was struck by the reverberation of it and wondered just how many more doors had to be closed and him left behind before he was the one leaving. Taehyung keeps searching for magic in the moonlight. It takes him a long time to finally find it. (AlixSkyeDawg)
  • Getting Help (Getting Better)- Being a Beta kind of really sucks sometimes. And, sometimes, it doesn't. The line between the two can be pretty blurry though, so it's best to tread carefully. (CynoDemure)
  • Do You Know What Love Is?- Love never came easy for them. It seemed everything in their lives would always be a constant cycle of loving, heartbreak, and forgetting. Love came to them in ways they’d never recognize, and in ways they never understood, because love never came easy for them. (jimins_dongsaeng)


  • OT7 by flynns-drawings

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