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Name: Kim Seok-jin (Korean: 김석진)
Also Known As: Jin
Occupation: vocalist
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Official Website(s): BTS (band)
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Kim Seokjin, known professionally as Jin, is a vocalist in the K-Pop group BTS, as well as the oldest member among the 7. He was born Kim Seok-jinon December 4, 1992 in Gwacheon, South Korea.


Because of his caring nature towards the younger members, (as well as his infamous cooking skills), he is often recognized by Army as the group's unofficial mother. Jin is often teased for his strange eating habits- namely just how much he eats. He sometimes hosts his own show on Bangtan Bombs and on VLIVE, known as Eat Jin.

Despite being the oldest member, his personality is often silly and immature, and he is been loved (and hated) for his cringey dad-jokes. Suga in particular, has little tolerance for Jin's lame jokes and puns. Jin is also adored by Army for his dancing skills- or lack thereof. In addition to all of these traits, Jin is also seen as being the most handsome member of the group, and has developed cheesy narcissistic tendencies as a result. He is often seen blowing hand kisses to Army.

  • Namjin: The most popular ship with Jin, pairing him with Rap Monster, due to their parental roles within the group
  • Yoonjin: Another popular ship of Jin with the second oldest member, Yoongi
  • Jinkook: the pairing of Jin and the youngest member of BTS, Jungkook

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